This Episode: In this video, we venture to Mexico with Fantasy RV Tours! We took their 13-Day Baja Whale Watching Tour. The first few driving days getting to …


  1. Had to laugh at the "it never rains here" comment. We heard the same thing three years ago in Cabo, while all the roads were being buried by mudslides from torrential rains. We still had a great time, though.

  2. Isn't that a fantastic stop and that restaurant where you stayed is amazing. When we went on the whale watch it was so windy and the water was rough but it was so worth it. Can't wait to see the rest of your journey.

  3. So of being offensive $$$$$$ you shouldn’t be touching wildlife .Mexico is wanting any kind of money they can get believe me I live four months out of the year there and you shouldn’t be touching the wildlife even though it is cool have a good adventure and I am a van person buy the Salt .. and if it was a good thing to have the tourist coming there to see the whales why didn’t they use the whale money that they got from selling whale tickets to go on the boats to fix the road they don’t care about the roads they just want your money adios amigos

  4. “Not too stressful…” as he swills his 15th Mexican beer!! 🤣🤓. I have been looking at auxiliary fuel tanks, with a tool box addition. But so far I haven’t justified the expense. It would be handy to be able to go farther on a fill (I also have a Ram 3500 dually, with a 42’ 5th wheel)

  5. I had not thought much about going to Mexico when I get started with my full-time RV Life, but, after seeing your adventures, it will be put on my wish list. Wow, those whales, what gental giants. That was amazing.

  6. Interesting that they scanned you going into Mexico. The US tends to scan you coming out. When we entered Mexico, first thing in the morning, south of Tuscon in January, the gates were just open and not even manned.

  7. The hubs & I first said we didn’t think we’d want to travel with our 5th wheel into Mexico BUT after hearing how y’all did it with an RV tour group we both said YES for sure we would consider doing that way. Loved this vlog & can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  8. Hi guys, didn’t know they had big scanners for rv’s at the border. Never heard of them…sooooo with the rv’s all packed in with stuff, how can they tell if it’s say your bin of legos and not something that’s considered a no, no? Like how do they discriminate your 1lb bag of icing sugar up in the cupboard, isn’t something it shouldn’t be? If it’s anything like the airport carry-on luggage scanners, I’m always getting pulled over for a dump everything out seek n search quiz session. I think I pack things to well it makes them suspicious I guess, lol. Good grief this RV scanner could be a nightmare. 😱Next, how many RV’s were you with? Now that you experienced that kind of tour cruising, would you do another one? I know I’m just bursting with questions…lol 😁. Cheers 🍻

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