#1 BEST THING TO DO IN CABO!!! | Cabo San Lucas Mexico Vlog (Ep 5)

If you’re looking for THE #1 BEST THING TO DO IN Cabo San Lucas MEXICO, then this Cabo San Lucas Mexico vlog is for you! In episode 5 of my Cabo San …

20 thoughts on “#1 BEST THING TO DO IN CABO!!! | Cabo San Lucas Mexico Vlog (Ep 5)”

  1. excellent video. i never had the desire to go to cabo, however, after watching this , i do. i would like to visit there. i had no idea how beautiful it was either. thank you for another great trip.

  2. I was in Cabo and San Jose in January, Los Cabos is my favorite place in Mexico!! I would like to go this summer, but our Dotard en Chief got us banned!

  3. I never knew Cabo San Lucas was so stunning. Would love to join one of your trips but will have to wait until I go back to work (ugh-COVID). I chuckled when you said after diving "alright, let's get back to the boat" you sounded exhausted lol

  4. Love your videos! However, kinda bummed to see a tour where they’re feeding fish to get them to show up for tourists. It creates a dangerous cycle of making animals reliant on humans for food and when something like COVID happens and the tourists stop going, the fish stop getting fed. It seems harmless when you’re there because it’s just your group and they’re just fish, but you create a habit with them like you would with any other animal. In the future, if at all possible, I’d love it if you’d use operators that don’t feed animals just to get them to show up. In a healthy marine/aquatic area, you shouldn’t need to feed them just to show up because they’d be there living naturally healthy lives with or without humans!

  5. Liking even before watching and double liking after for that high resolution!!. My man,our plans to go to Europe have vanished this year. It won't be possible for us,United States residents unfortunately I believe.I had a one month Sicilian vacation that was tangible, but it has turned into a mirage.Your travel videos feed my moments of daydreaming.Thank you!!

  6. The beach!!! The service there is fantastic super great!!!! That made me so hungry and made me remember our trip. Really lovely water and my buddy Anna broke her toe jumping of the rocks. Still a great vacation.

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