41 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Austria – Travel Video”

  1. Cliches. The best things aren’t on those lists. Where are the Salzwelten of Salzburg? Where is the oldest restaurant in the world? And so many other things.

  2. I agree Hallstatt (in thebSalzkammergut region) is beautiful LITTLE village but there are way to much people for a tiny village like this one. It has now become a tourist trap. In fact, it losts all its magic from back in the days of what was truly an austrian mining village.

  3. 🍎☝️ wonderful list of places in a wonderful country. We’ve spent a couple months there now and enjoyed it both times. Perfect for people that like culture and or the outdoors. – H

  4. Ferdinand Porsche did most of his progress on his way to founding Porsche during his time with Astro-Daimler which was a part of a german company, obviously, even though Astro-Daimler was operating in Austria. Porsche definitely is a german company!

  5. I love you Europe Europe country is the world no 1 most expensive beautiful sweet very very nice wonderful I love Europe food I love Europe Europe is the my all time favourite continent in the world touropia

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