4K Tokyo Guided Tour – Shibuya in the Summer of 2020 – Japan Travel Guide

Time for something new on this channel. In this video, you will be taken on a tour of Shibuya, with me as your personal guide. This walk focuses mainly on all the …

26 thoughts on “4K Tokyo Guided Tour – Shibuya in the Summer of 2020 – Japan Travel Guide”

  1. Thank you! Amazing quality video – I watched a few walking around vids and this is really way better – very interesting tour with a calm and interesting storytelling and you chose the perfect time for great light. I am surprised that the tiny DJI Osmo can produce such a good footage. Hope that we can visit Tokyo in october…

  2. Hey! we just stumbled over your incredible account and love your video clips. 👍 We are exploring often, maybe you'd also be interested to check out our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo too 🌴 So lets motivate one another. Enjoy your day, and also continue the amazing work! 😊

  3. I love the addition of the voice-over! I already loved the walking videos but now it has even more dimension, and it's awesome that the narration is just the right amount of information. Keep it up and more power!

  4. Im glad that hisamitsu sign still there. About 1 month ago those sign disapeared. Also i think ikea sign isnt relatednot fit with that place because ikea is foreign furniture brand, it must be change with Japanese sign for authentic japan athmosfer in shibuya crossing. But its oke

    The Ikea billboard is perched atop of the Takagi Building (高木ビルディング), opposite Seibu. Takagi has a long and interesting history as apart from Ikea which will occupy the seven floors by Christmas 2020, it was tenanted by American fast fashion label Forever 21 until October 2019. Before this, HMV had their flagship and first Japan store from 1990 until August 2010.

    HMV Shibuya is still located on Inokashira Dori. But, is a shadow of its former self in a much more smaller and modest ground floor shop within an older apartment complex. Tokyu Hands is opposite.

    This is how the Shibuya Center-gai entrance appeared in 1998. The iconic and imposing QFront building which towers over Scramble Crossing opened in October 1999.


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