4K Tokyo Guided Tour – Shinjuku West Side & Skyscraper District – 新宿

This video is available without any commentary at: https://youtu.be/YtWduHbp_is The west side of Shinjuku is really interesting, with its mix of older residential …

45 thoughts on “4K Tokyo Guided Tour – Shinjuku West Side & Skyscraper District – 新宿”

  1. I love Tokyo/Shinjuku. I was here last year and booked to come back in June 2020. I was very disappointed I had to cancel because of the virus. I am in love with the place, so I will be back ASAP. Thank you for the video x

  2. I grew up in Tokyo and am there all the time and know all of these places. But that hasn't stopped these guided tours from being thoroughly enjoyable for me. Thank you so much for making them!

    When in noise environments like a busy street like Juniso-dori, the ambient audio level really ought to be turned down when narration is made. At the conclusion of the commentary, raise the ambient audio to normal levels. This is not required when you are in a quiet location like Central Park. It really was a struggle to hear your narration with the traffic around you.
    Some of your fans really do appreciate the still close up shots of the maps, as this level of detail just can never be gleaned from Google Maps. The information is very helpful for forward planning of a Tokyo holiday. In fact, these same fans make 4K screenshots of these maps… which are then printed with Fujifilm photo machines at the photo shop! Is it any wonder the Japanese economy is the world's third largest?
    Thank you, Mr Tokyo Explorer for making this narrated video, as this is one Tokyo's most important and significant districts.

  4. Your camera may be too big for the gimbal or it may be off balance? In some videos I could hear the motors working hard to keep the camera in balance.

  5. new to this channel but I was wondering if you can do the area around the gracery hotel in shinjuku if you haven't already. Also want to add that your commentary is super insightful and I literally feel like I am walking with you . Thank you for the great content. It keeps me going during this pandemic.

  6. Explanations and the information of these guided videos are very interesting and usefull. It helps a lot to get inside scenario and increase imagination. Thank you for the videos! Greetings from Argentina.

  7. One of the great joys in life: walking around Tokyo, really any part of the city. I never fail to find interesting things. But of course I cannot do this now (being from the US), so thank you for taking us along. (btw, TMG building has free observatories in both the north and south towers).

  8. First of all thank you for the great videos.Could you please shoot a video for Tokyo international airport?If you already did that please just send me the link for the video.I really appreciate you effort and I gave like to every video I watched.Thanks again

  9. I want to thank you so much for what we see in the video & for explaining history of Tokyo. Since I am retired & due to my health, I can only travel now thru travel-video's. I love to fly so I don't mind you filming each plane; & I enjoyed your sense of humor!!

  10. Hello! Could you please tell me the name of the building you focused upwards in 32:01? I have seen it in pictures before the new skyscraper was built in front of it and it was amazing when it stood alone by the street. It is one of my favourite buildings in Shinjuku. 😃 Wonderful walk. Thank you!

  11. Thank you for always uploading.Nishi-Sando is approach to Meiji Shrine,like Omote-Sando.Omote-Sando means front appoach and Nishi-Sando means west approach. I'm happy to walk a good course.

  12. Your videos with commentary are so informative really enjoy that you are able to explain to the viewer exactly what you are experiencing as you walk around. My wife and I attend to visit japan once all this covid 19 settles down. This country has been on my bucket list for quite some time so once again thanks for the insightful commentary it really helps me in planning for our Japanese trip. My ultimate destination after Tokyo will be Kyoto which truly fascinates me. 2 thumbs up for your videos very enjoyable

  13. Really love the walk with narrator! It really gives us an insight of what’s surrounding us…. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 also am just thinking, is it possible to do it inside certain buildings also, so that the programs can get more interesting! Just a thought … thanks again!

  14. Good Morning, Thanks for bring live of Tokyo city, I worked for Japanese company in India . Shinjuku is place to get down and walk to H.O . CHINO CORPORATION, TOKYO.Great Country, Good people, Great Manner, and Zero defect products. From INDIA, Namaste.

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