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  1. Everything out here is also spicy. Everything is in Korean or Spanish. Also… don’t say “El-Laay”… also we do drive aggressive… far left lanes are the fast lanes, it says 65 limit but you better be pushing 85 or you’ll get in a traffic fight…

  2. YG says don’t come to LA…. btw I’ve seen more white people go broke and homeless in LA than minorities… annnnddd you better learn Spanish if you want to compete bc a lot of people are mad at gentrification. And I’m glad she mentioned it because it might scare you at some points.

  3. I lived on both coasts, New York and Malibu since the 90's. I will tell you that it's a different vibe if you're in the industry. I am positive that if I weren't working and inside the inner workings of music and movie world, I would definitely not live in LA. MAINLY because the traffic is the most brutal I've ever experienced in my life. It can literally take you AN HOUR to get to the NEXT exit on the highway. And that's just in regular traffic. It's insane. I love the laid back nature of living in Malibu. I little more quiet and cleaner than Hollywood but definitely, the lifeblood of "Hollywood" is in the city. People who live there don't actually feel the plasticity of the city but the fakeness is an absolute. You're measured by who you are, who you associate with or how you make them look when they're around you. Now, New York. I live in upper Westchester County (similar to Malibu). It is quiet, clean, welcoming and even the racists have no problem being up front about their idiot ideologies. The pace is way faster than the west but the hustle is like sandpaper (incredibly course and impossible to nativigate towards success where LA you can make a Tic Tok, post it in front of the Mann theater and be famous. Okay, that's my rant.

  4. I lowkey dont like how she only focuses on the "hotspot" neighborhoods. That and what people consider"dangerous" in these very metro areas are not dangerous. its common sense danger and a large homeless population. Housing can be affordable if you go southward or eastward but everyone refuses to use public transportation and instead want to have cars while living in this Populus dense areas in all – amenities apartments. Meanwhile if they literally go one street over east of the 110 they'll find HOUSES to rent at the cost their paying for one bedroom or a studio and its only a short ways away from their jobs

  5. I love your videos, but always have a good laugh when you call Silver Lake the "east side." Sounds like you've spent probably 20 minutes of your 6 years here east of La Brea lol

  6. Moving to LA? You will spend more than half your life in a car stuck in traffic all hours of the day. It sucks! There is never parking and if you do find parking you will get a ticket because you probably are not supposed to park there. And True story every one forgets how to drive in LA when it rains and it’s not even rain it’s like mist/sprinkle and accidents galore. You will pay more for EVERYTHING!

  7. You forgot the TAXES in LA. 10.25% sales tax in Santa Monica, highest gasoline prices around and double check your paycheck, yes the state of CA will take most of it.

  8. if you're in the right neighborhood and work situation, you can take metro! we have the largest and most robust metro system in the country, and its only getting bigger. its only $1.75 a ride with 2 hours of free transfers too! its a well kept secret (at least from out of towners)

  9. Transplant in Culver City for the past 7 years here. Rent has skyrocketed in even just that time. My 1 bdr when we moved here went from 1.5k a month to 2.2k after it was renovated. and unfortunately the only thing being built around here is "Luxury Apartments." Maybe the virus will slow down some of this out of control rent growth. That might be wishful thinking though.

  10. This video is whacked, i lived in So Cal all my life and there's many other nice areas she didn't mention. The areas she mentioned are prominent all white and a bunch of fake / wannabes residents.

  11. Another amendment I like to add that take it very cold in the winter! I live in Florida so when I visited LA Last Christmas I was very shocked at how cold it got, especially at night. I had to bring a fall coats, sweaters, a knit hat, the whole 9 yards.

  12. Girl you are my inspiration. I love you. Your videos are amazing and really different. You always pick a really different topic, your video making format is the *best*. You work so hard and I love you Shelby your *incredible*🥺❤️. I know this can’t describe the hard work you did for your channel and building such a big fandom but, at the end all I can say that I love you with my whole heart, you’re my favourite and keep going Shelby. Lots of love from India!🥺💘

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