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Auckland – The most populous of New Zealand’s cities with the attractions to match. Check out the best things to do in the city and start planning a trip of your …

25 thoughts on “Auckland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia”

  1. such a soothing and happy little clip for such a damaging activity: travelling… there are few other human occupations so polluting like travelling. It is very bad for anyone….stay home, bicycle, play tennis, do non-polluting things….and don't travel, especially by plane

  2. East Auckland is boooring, and the city is just polluted a bit and traffic sucks there. I was born there, but other than that it's a nice place but it's overrated

  3. My experience in living in Auckland is unfortunately different lol not so enjoyable. Overpopulated and a heavy emphasis on the corporate. Beautiful city but yes lacks a bit of community feel. Wellington probably is better at this.

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