49 thoughts on “Bern, Switzerland: Classy Capital – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite”

  1. Demokrats only for switzerlands not for strangers in their country with B or C visa they smoke weed in the cebter on city but for example me on swiss border with austria i was with flix bus i was going to Slovenia they test me 3 times and i was negative in 3 in the morning and i have B visa,if some who have switzerland passport hit you hi is going to pay punish to switzerland court but not to you if you hit somebody who is Switzerland you going to jail and pay ticket and be deported from switzerland !!! Doctor in switzerland made mistake on surgery they cut his nerv in right arm now he do not fil nothing on his right hand hospital pay him only 30 000 frank what is less then 1 year salery if they made that on somebody who have their name Gerber or Moosser he will gate 300 000 swiss democrasy !!!!

  2. Just wondering how old this video is. There haven't been blue lights in public toilets in at least a decade and I can only think of 2 places where toilets are free and even those don't have blue lights. Plus the laws are different now and Bern does not have a raging drug problem anymore.

  3. The reason it has no war damage is they have avoided all wars by being neutral and let everyone else fight. The world would be speaking German and Japanese if we all followed their lead

  4. The reason why I'm here to poland because of Switzerland, my dream country,hope someday day i can visit and work there, now I'm trying to find employer,,, see you soon Switzerland,,.

  5. I love Bern. I did the self guided audio walking tour that you pick up from the Info Center. While I was climbing the Berner Münster, there was a "free sing" event that started (that's what the Bern Minster person called it when I was buying my tower ticket), and I got to watch/hear it as I went up the tower. Amazing! Also loved sticking my feet in their river. Some brave souls were swimming in that cold, rushing water! Beautiful little town, great for a short day trip.

  6. About politics of drugs, very bad, as a place to visit, just wonderful.Thanks. Interesting short video. But we are waiting for longer videos as it was before.

  7. I have enjoyed your l videos over the years and what you have been doing lately shows me that unlike many you are keeping up with the times. Your ability to weave many of the social justices issues into your videos have encouraged me to say bless you for what you are doing. I know it takes some guts to enter this world of controversial issues but those are the people who last, and you are one of the true finishers. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to you tackling more of the important issues of our time. Justsayin RC

  8. The Swiss voted to ban Islamic minarets a decade ago and look at what a beautiful city is sustained. Thanks for showcasing these great European cities, Mr. Steves; the natural diversity of Europeans in Europe is wonderful, which you've made a living from.

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