Best places where to eat in Brno? We got you covered! We absolutely loved these places but there are actually more so if you’re coming to Brno (and you …

20 thoughts on “BEST RESTAURANTS in BRNO (Honest Guide)”

  1. Good pubs? My favorites are: U Alberta, Pod Lékárnou, Ochutnávková pivnice, Lokál, Bláhovka, Duck Bar and Music Lab. Amazing beer, good atmosphere. Bláhovka and Lokál is famos for its Pilsner tank beer, others have beers from smaller breweries (worth trying!). I am also in love with Indian restaurant Anapurna – yummy! (menu for 100kč).

  2. if you are vegetarian or vegan, give that whole country a miss.once, in ostrava at a restaurant i flipped through the menu to the vege section and there were three choices. three.the next part of the story should split the atoms in your brain, one of the vege dishes on the menu was pea soup with ham.when i questioned this, i was told, "o, yoo cannot make pea soup without the ham."the beer is the best in the world, but czechs are thirty years behind in the vegerevolution.

  3. I would also like to add my recommendation: Hospudka Brno, outside the main drag in Anenska. Very friendly father and daughter owners that have good home cooked meals and delicious lemonades!

  4. Joo obesel si vsechny hipstersky mista , cekal jsem normalnejsi podniky a ne kam chodi jen jedna sorta lidi s Macbookem pod pazou kupujici si donuty za 60,- xddd

  5. I like that you represent doing the right thing and taking a stand against people having their money stolen by cons, but then how can you promote food that resulted from an animal having its throat slit? It is a double standard to say that stealing money that doesn't belong to you is wrong but then it's okay to needlessly contributing to an innocent animal being slaughtered.

  6. Please make more videos about Brno.. as I’m planning to live there for long time :)And I always like your videos,, love from Indonesia 🇮🇩 😀

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