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Bolivia – Welcome to the “Rooftop of the World” where you can experience breathtaking landscapes, ancient civilizations and colorful wildlife. Check out the best …

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  1. The writer and editor for the introduction of this video did not complete updated accurate research about Bolivia. The narrator gives us untruthful wrong information saying that: " Bolivia is a Poor Country." "Bolivia is not poor and undeveloped, " They do not know how fun and interesting diverse cities and sites you can visit in Bolivia. Bolivia has interesting diverse cultures to find, you will be amazed to learn their music, language, food, gorgeous country sites, honest and friendly people. The narrator mentioned dishonest information about Bolivia is undeveloped, wrong info about their economy and their economics. The narrator mentioned false and dishonest wrong information about Bolivia on YouTube, which will confuse many people who are making plans for traveling and visit this exotic country. Bolivia is not the poorest country in South America. Bolivia has only 11 million of the population. Poverty is a component and part of the economy of any country, that’s is the reason governments can get wipe out of any country's economy, they only can reduce it.You will see a comparison of Bolivia’s poverty with the following countries below, Bolivia should be behind those countries: Brazil (210, millions of population, 83 Million live in poverty), Argentina (45, millions of population, 20 Million live in poverty), Mexico (130, millions of population, 80 Million live in poverty), Venezuela (31, millions of population, 19 Million live in poverty), Chile (19, millions of population, 11 Million live in poverty), and Peru (32, millions of population, 18 Million live in poverty), US or EEUU (327, millions of populations, 90 Million live in poverty and live in the American Welfare System). Bolivia has (11, million of population, only 2 Million live in poverty. Peasant live modest lives in the country sites, but they never ask for Felfare money like in the US). Now please tell us: Why Bolivia is Poor?Please see this Video: US is the poorest countries in the world / Estados Unidos, el país más pobre:

  2. What is not mentionend in the Video: I have never met People on this planet earth, that are more polite, attentive and possess cultured manners than the Bolivians.I was overwhelmed and if I should ever move from where I live, Bolivia would be my number one choice, for the sake its inhabitants.

  3. Wow looks so cute and interesting and BEAUTIFUL! I have to include it in my top next goals! When I travel I always take my travel playlist with me, new bands like DELTA PAROLE are a must, what travel playlists do you fellow travelers love and listen to? Hope to get me some cuties at tho

  4. I am fascinated with Bolivia. I hope to visit it some day. But I'll make do with videos like this before then. I only hope its people are as friendly as the land is beautiful, for Bolivia is beautiful, no question about it, at least from the images I've gathered about it. Excellent video.

  5. I honestly want to relocate myself to Bolivia la paz but i live comfortable here in newyork, Also with access to the web i could make a living making youtube videos from the country of my origins.

  6. In my opinion, Bolivia is the best kept secret in the World, Bolivia is beautiful and rich in culture. BTW, Bolivia is the FASTEST GROWING ECONOMY IN SOUTH AMERICA not that poor any longer, Paraguay is and Argentina is falling apart.

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