Brighter days forward. Summer journey procuring and extra.


29 thoughts on “Brighter days forward. Summer journey procuring and extra.”

  1. Saw your vid just now by coincidence. Love it, I'll look at others later. Love the music you played while showing the clothes, etc. what is it? Loved the California summer look in clothes. I'm from Florida and all we wear is Lilly. Your fashions were refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. La France, les décérébrés de l'Europe et du monde développé. Après avoir voyagé je peux vous dire que vous trouverez pas pire que la France comme décérébré dans les pays développé bon courage à vous…

  3. You left Paris for Malibu, then there was the Easter posting, and we've been waiting for you to take us along on your wanderings ever since. Missed your style and choices of what to share. Thought about how you and your son are doing several times every week when my inner francophile/francophone told me we were due for another of your Paris vlogs. It got so bad I went online and bought two of the mugs you offer just to make me feel more connected to it all while the world reels from the pandemic. Now you know things have to be bad when anyone buys yet another mug, let alone two. Love hearing the sounds of the surf and birds. Paradise Cove is such an unusual spot. I don't think it has changed much over the years. Nor have the sentry seagulls on the lookout for food. Good for your son: it takes a lot of onions cooked for quite awhile to make it as the French do. So satisfying. Good amber/cognac color on them now. Just right. I adore the orange garden party dress at 5:57. The shoulder bag at 6:44 is gorgeous. Let's pray for a trustworthy vaccine, perhaps the one from Oxford, sooner rather than later so that Paris can pull itself back together and get all the new protocols for pandemic hygiene and social-distancing comfortably in place well before the 2024 Olympics. Your new red Teddy Blake bag looks beautiful and quite accommodating for being out and about. And the handbag/shoulder bag option couldn't be more utilitarian, yet with great style. Did not know how to reach you unless you saw my name and info on the list of those buying merchandise during the pandemic shutdown. So relieved you and your son are doing so well.

  4. U r awesome Because of u even I started travel blogging during my trip to Brazil 🇧🇷 sadly due to COVID-19 everything has stopped for my channel 🤪. U r n inspiration to me. Keep rocking 😘

  5. Good to see you back. I had my Paris trip all booked and paid for for March – First Class on Etihad and BA from Singapore, hotels… lost it all. We'll see how next spring goes… Keep calling we lovers of Paris with your stories – they keep our hopes alive. Paris, à la prochaine.

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