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40 thoughts on “Bulgaria”

  1. 24 of May is such a great holiday because we made the cyrillic alphabet. Also we are one of the oldest countries on the Earth. Thracians did not just lived here, they are our ancestors. Come and visit us! <3

  2. Although I think this is a good advertisement for Bulgaria I am quite disappointed of how many incorrect things were said in this video.Thanks for the clip, but 1st, the Asen Brothers did no such thing. 2nd We don't celebrate "Slavic culture", we celebrate the creation of OUR OWN Alphabet, of which we are very proud of, and which most "Slavic countries" use today.Liked the video anyway.

  3. All comparisons by money… Just in intro said: "Bulgaria is poor country, but Sofia is a vibrant dellightful city…" Good to know that money is not everything to be compared.

  4. For decades the propagandists in the West were convincing the world that this wasn't Europe. Today Eastern Europe presents itself far more European than the generic, and increasingly non-European Western Europe.

  5. Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in the world. Plovdiv is the oldest inhabited city in Europe. Bulgarians gave the world the Cyrillic alphabet, the yoghurt, the Bulgarian calendar, the oldest golden treasure is also from Bulgaria.. and many more. Whoever has not studied the facts and history better to educate himself rather than commenting total nonsenses. Peace and love to everyone with the best fragrance of the Bulgarian rose🌹

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