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The Canary Islands – a magical archipelago of cultural, historical and geological importance. Discover the best places to visit and be swept away by one of …

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  1. So many things missing in this video (still loved it) La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma, the dunes of Maspalomas, the mini Grand Canyon just behind one of the biggest tourist resorts of the world, Playa del Ingles. Guayadeque one of our (Gran Canaria) cave villages. Man you can fill hours with those points allone.Yeah no direct flights from the States, you will have a stop in Madrid, from there its an other three hours flight.As of this moment 28/05/20 we are still closed for buisness😢due some stuped virus. On the plus site since we are far away from everyone else, we will be one of the first places to reopen again, as it seems together with the Balearen Islands.So please when possible again ;come and visit us cause we are depending for a big part on Tourism. Doesn't matter what tipe of tourist you are, we have it all.Active : Mountains to clime, canyons to discover up in the sky or underneath our waters. Waves to ride on your board, or to fish in.Lazy : Come enjoy our beaches, pool sides, room service enjoy our cuisine discover our wines, from grapes you won't find anywere else in the world. Enjoy a festival at the beach.Culture : Learn about our acient inhabitants, enjoy our botanical gardens, discover our museums and national parks.Party : Well okay we are not Ibiza o Mallorca , but we sure as hell know how to party, plenty of clubs,bars concerts and of course…………….Carnaval after Brazil there is us baby.

  2. Respected team,
    You have the best travel channel on YouTube among travel guide channels…. I enjoy the content and salute you for so much effort, hard work and editing.. I understand the language english, but I want to show your content to my grand mother and other elder person do not understand English language, they understand Hindi. Please start a Hindi channel as well. It is spoken by 60% population of India that is 720 million people..

  3. Just arriving to virtually escape my room for a few minutes. Even so, who REALLY has extra money laying around to travel??? You don't. Stop complaining about not being able to fly and enjoy the scenery

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