CHEAP $700 per month Rent in NYC | 2020 Apartment Tour New York City

Super inexpensive NYC apartment with rent way below market! Full tour so you can decide if $700 per month is worth it to live here in New York City. Believe it …

39 thoughts on “CHEAP $700 per month Rent in NYC | 2020 Apartment Tour New York City”

  1. I’m curious, what’s the neighborhood like at night? Whenever my husband and I were considering an apartment, we would go through the neighborhood at nighttime to see if anything crazy was going on in the neighborhood. A neighborhood could be peaceful and quiet during the day but TOTALLY different at night.

  2. I don't like the lay out at all!! It would be super difficult to design it – how to use those rooms is difficult as i don't know anyone who would sleep in a room where other people would have to walk through all the time. Ugh I hated sorry Cash . I pay $2125 for a two bedroom on 51st and 9th ave. My space is cheaper and IN THE CITY.

  3. Hey Jordan I wanted to ask if you can help me find an apartment in nyc for a 700 to 900$ range. Im desperately in need of an apartment and this would be great please come through thanks.

  4. That's hella cheap considering where it's located. Living right next to a Marshalls is a godsend. The layout sucks and the bathroom situation will be the root of drama for female roommates, but for simple dudes with not so firm boundaries, this is a steal. Also, living right where the action is isn't always the best. I wouldn't do a third roommate here. A couple would be best living here together. The awkward room could be used as an office (to deduct from taxes since by law you need a separate room even if you live in NYC).

  5. People in the comments getting so picky… if you were just moving to NYC and don’t have much money this would be perfect!!! Some people need to accept the weird floor plan to save money

  6. It might have been better to sacrifice that pantry with the accordion door to make the bathroom a teensy bit larger. This apartment might be better for a couple who prefer to work from home. Those "open" not-bedrooms could be separate offices/workspaces. I rather liked seeing so much shopping being that easy to get to, a big plus to me. It does have some potential for the right person(s).

  7. The price is great, and I personally like the quiet neighborhood with the option of jumping on the train and getting into the city when I want to. The only potential problems I see are…..the bathroom is tiny, and it appears that you have to go through each bedroom to get to the next. In a roommate situation I'm not sure how that would work. Imagine the 1st bedroom resident and the 2nd bedroom resident being sound asleep. Then 3rd person resident comes in….LATE, or maybe early (lol) and has to go THROUGH both other bedrooms to get to their's. Not much privacy either. However……if it was just a couple it was be great for that price! You'd have a ton of space that could be really workable.I also feel completely stupid because I thought the TOTAL rent was $700!!! I've never lived in NY and I figured it was so cheap because of where it was and the awkward layout. Cash, no offense…..I love your videos, but usually you put the TOTAL rent price in the title.

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