Corralejo, Fuerteventura newest – What’s open now?

A full update of what is open and opening up in Corralejo town – Part 1 a Friday night out around the Old Town and the seafront Subscribe now to get Part 2 and …

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  1. First time seeing your vlog. I'm traveling out on the 1st August with my family and it's so nice to see everything starting to open. I love Corralejo. My husband and I came her for our honeymoon and can't wait to show our children around.

  2. First time I have seen your vLog, so well done. So nice to see that things are opening and getting back to normal. Walking around on the 1st week we were allowed to was so depressing. Luckily most restaurants in Villaverde, La Oliva and La Caldereta are also now fully open so plenty of variety for those wishing explore outside of Corralejo.

  3. I don't want to invade your blog but someone asked about another lockdown and although options are being discussed at the moment by the Spanish Government it is not as bad as being reported in the UK. Here is a summary and note the return to a state of alarm would be a very last resort.The plan includes three levels of action: the decisions of the autonomous communities, which maintain almost all the powers in health; the coordination of the Ministry to carry out joint actions when a situation spreads between two or more communities; and, ultimately, a new state of alarm. Government sources have explained that the last step, the state of alarm, would apply if the transmission affects all of Spain again. It is not foreseen in the short term, since we are in a "control" and no longer "mitigation" scenario, as it was between March and June. The objective of the instructions reflected in the plan of the Ministry is, precisely, not to reach that circumstance of uncontrolled transmission again and to stop the outbreaks in time.Make of that what you will.

  4. I have just read in the Canarian press that the Health Minister of the Canaries is going to ask the Canaries Government on Thursday to bring in a law to make the wearing of face masks compulsory at all times in public, whether indoors or outdoors, irrespective of whether or not you can social distance. This is in line with many other places in Spain such as Catalonia, the Balaerics (Majorca etc.), Extramadura, Andalusia, Aragon and more. Basically this means as soon as you leave your hotel room, your apartment, your house or your villa you will have to put on a mask and, if like other regions, only take them off to eat, drink, sunbathe or swim. From comments I have had from locals most are in agreement with this because of the worry of tourists infecting the relatively Covid-19 free islands.

  5. Thank Bev, it’s nice to see corralejo is up and running. We were due there in March and again in June both cancelled. We have booked again for end of Nov so fingers crossed for then. Our favourite bars are Bougainville and also Rock Island Bar. I look forward to all your updates. 😀

  6. Hey,Thank you for the video great job! My family and I are due to travel out on the 11th Aug but are still not sure if it will happen or not cause I’m hearing reports the Spanish government is holding an emergency meeting to discuss an new lockdown for the country and stop all international arrivals due to the high rise in Covid-19 case. Would you know anymore on this news and what is the situation in the Canary Islands?Thank you.

  7. Great video nice to see so many places now open & more people there. We are due to come out last week in September so keeping an eye on the situation there. Thank you & look forward to your next video.

  8. Great job Bev! One of our favourites is Domenoteca. Husband is a fisherman, wife runs the restaurant. Small place, no menu, it’s all based on the catch of the day. If anyone hasn’t tried it there I definitely recommend it! 🐟

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