Croatia: Adriatic Delights

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | A fascinating land with a hard-fought history in a complex corner of Europe, Croatia is emerging as one of Europe’s top …

31 thoughts on “Croatia: Adriatic Delights”

  1. Mr Rick beautiful please can you conection whole EU and UK all country for dkumentary on tv. I think it will be like history book of culture for everyone of us thank you.

  2. Croatia is next best place to explore after Italy. it’s a germ in Adriatic sea and beautiful weather with lay back life style attract me live there . very lucky people to call her home.Thank you!♥️

  3. To anyone who is watching this during coronavirus time, I have to tell you that Croatia can handle the coronavirus much much much better than UK, US, Russia, Brazil etc. A small country that have a great leader unlike these 4 which runs by incompetent leaders and failure leading to more deaths.

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