Deciding on my residence in Portland, OR | The Apartment Hunt PT.3

The time has come to finally look INSIDE some apartments in Portland, Oregon. Today I take you along as I tour five different units to see if I find my new dream …

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  1. Being a property management professional in Pdx I can not stress enough this fact when it comes to reviews. Think of the majority of tenants or maybe even yourself how often are going to go out of your way to leave a good review about great service you get at your apt community. The minute they piss you off you will go out of your way to report them to every social media outlet you find to make sure everyone is as issued as you. In all my years of doing this I would say 9 out of 10 are just people pissed and wanting to vent, when it was something that they could’ve themselves fixed because they caused the issue or something they could have cleaned as a normal housekeeping routine, but they want someone to blame and management is always there to be the soundboard. My suggestion is to ask an unsolicited resident their opinion on how it is to live their. If the building you’re moving into has a coffee shop below it go in there and ask the workers how do the people who come in here feel about living in the apartments above they’ll tell you what residence are bitching about mostly. Also go to yelp to get reviews because they ask you days after you visited how do you feel about it and if people favorably reply to it that means that apartment community is so fresh in their head and some thing that is worth looking at. My main tip about any apartment community is this, how is the staff treating you during your tour and while you are searching out information about the community. if you walk in and the Leasing Agent is eating a sandwich or talking/ texting on phone and telling you to wait this is the service you’re going to get while living there for your lease term that you signed up for. If you have an intensive, engaging, genuine Leasing Agent 70% of the time you’re going to get good service while you’re there also just because they’re one of the big leasing companies does not mean they’re the best most cases they are not!! Mom and pop and smaller organizations are usually the best they have more time to spend on the residence.

  2. Kiara are u renting or buying? I’d really stay away from a studio unless it’s all u can afford. They are not good value for money and not the best investment

  3. Of course the first one looks amazing with the 2 bed/2 baths and huge kitchen which would be the winner for me… But out of the studios, i like Apartment 4… with the walk through bathroom and extra closet space👌.. BUT it all comes down to where you feel the safest. 💕

  4. Seeing your love for floor to ceiling windows and your Pinterest ideas, I guess unit 5. But whichever you choose I know the decoration would be so good. Love ya! ♥️

  5. I’ve had to move a lot over the past year. I always hate having to pay for new boxes which I just end up recycling. I always waste so much money. I’ve started going to gas stations and restaurants that have the big cardboard recycle dumpsters and collecting boxes from there. The stores are always happy to donate the boxes. I was a little nervous doing that when I moved two weeks ago due to covid, but I just made sure to use a lot of hand sanitizer and let the boxes sit for two days before packing. The upside here are that it’s cheap, the boxes are smaller so they’re easy to carry, and the varying sizes make it easy to divide up your stuff.

  6. Lmao why would you think that an apartment that’s not a penthouse had a marble counter top in the bathroom?? It’s obviously a cheaper material to look like marble. Clearly you don’t know or understand that marble chips and stains very easily…oh and that it’s of course expensive. Sooooo why would an apartment complex waste all that money on marble for people who just rent? HAHAHA idiot.

  7. I love you tip for me rent a U-Haul no matter how much stuff you have you will always need one like even if you have just like something you will always. Realize that you have more stuff than you thought that you had to pack so make sure to rent a big U-Haul because it’s 1,000,000% worth it I moved out of a tiny tiny living space and I rented a U-Haul and literally it changed the move experience it just made it 1 million times easier and also make sure to have some people helping you pack no matter how much stuff you have because it is always good to have a little help those are just my tips 🙂

  8. I’m moving August 1 and looked at 2 apartments. They first one was old and gross. Second was clean and new and only rents to professionals as opposed to families or oil workers (I live in northern Alberta, Canada)

  9. I think you are going to end up moving into the last apartment you showed with the corner view. I hope that when you move in to whatever apartment you choose it goes smoothly!!

  10. I also got a kitchen island from target and I absolutely love it, I would have no idea what I’d do without. My kitchen is about the size of all the ones your showed and I didn’t realize how much the extra storage in an island is so help full!! Especially for things like ziplocs, foil, etc!

  11. A really great place I found in my apartment to store things was next to my washer and dryer! I have a stacked washer and dryer and skinny things like skis, broom, swifter ect. slide right next to it and has helped me out a lot since I don’t have a storage closet!

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