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Denver – A scenic city surrounded by majestic mountains in Colorado. Check out the top things to see and do in Denver! When ready, browse vacation …

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  1. "time to head back to Denver, warm up under the fire and enjoy some Bison testicles" lol so misinforming we do not do that. if anything out staple food is green chili and green peppers in w.e we eat.

  2. I live in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods and Manitou springs, Pikes peak, is ours. Piss off Denver! I don't need to climb stone stairs to be a mile over sea level. Have fun with your traffic.

  3. Forgot that Denver euthanized over 3,000 dogs and puppies in jusr a few years via use of gas chambers because of the way they looked. Also they separated dozens of other dogs from their families for the same reason.Happy travels.

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