Dream Adventures Film | Expedia + St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

For kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who can’t travel and see the world, Expedia used 360Β° camera technology to bring the world to them, live.

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  1. My uncle and grandma have cancer and they both look out for each other they are 91 and 54 and they are both. Dyeing also since it almost xmas can I have a few prayers

  2. Man, I remember when I first saw this commercial with the baby girl in the beginning. And, man did this commercial get me emotional. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😒😒😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And, till this day this commercial gets me. It will NEVER stop getting me.

  3. I actually know Kiara and her family, in fact I spent this evening with them at a fundraiser for equine(horse) therapy stables that she and my daughter both get lessons through. Kiara is still in a wheelchair but she has been cancer free for a little bit now, PRAISE GOD (she had a brain tumor)! She is just as sweet and adorable in person as she is in this video and she LOVES riding, she rides a horse named Chyanna (like chyanne but with an β€œa” at the end). She was one of the featured students for the stables this year and was honored at the fundraiser. I can not say enough about how amazing her family is and how incredible Kiara’s optimism is! It is a true blessing to know this sweet little girl, her baby sister, older brother and parents! Absolutely delightful!

  4. I met this little girl not too long ago! I met her at a fundraiser for Camelot thereputic horsemanship. She is free of cancer now!! She is so sweet. She is living her dream! She rides horses every Monday with me! It makes me so happy to know that she rides horses because she loves them so much!

  5. So sad, we are directly responsible for causing these kids to get cancer. Vaccines cause cancer and most doctors know and speak freely among family about this. There are no cancer children in the unvacinated population. It's so evil but so true. Doctors are trained to promote vaccines. The CDC knows their vaccines cause cancer to but they feel they can spare some people's lives. We are suppose to have immunities gained the natural way. You can't mess with Mother Nature by injecting toxic vaccines into the bloodstream. The end result is cancer. Millions of doctors know this but they are sworn to follow CDC guidelines. So when your kid is sick don't blame anyone but the toxic vaccines. Be safe and write your congressman and demand safer shots.

  6. For the parents and children who have cancer, please look into raw diets and the amazing fruit from the graviola tree, sour sop it will cure almost any cancer in weeks!!!

  7. I don't know how good their treatment program is but, when it comes to squeezing out donations, they are second to none, well, maybe Shriners is pretty close. They put sick kids on TV and have them beg for money —– only cute bald kids since most people melt when they see a cute little kid with cancer. Their ads are designed to make you feel that, if you don't shell out immediately, most of these kids will be dead by morning. I don't think Danny Thomas would approve of their marketing methods nor do I think he would approve of displaying sick kids on TV to beg for money. I just hope these kids get paid for these ads since they must be bringing in $ millions to this company. Even more than William Devane and his Rosland Capital crap.


  9. +Expedia I would love to work with you. I loved that action you took to help, i would love to help somehow as well. Please advice a way to get in touch with you.

  10. I am awed and amazed at what Expedia's Dream Adventures for children with cancer is doing. You must see their utube video. If you know a child with cancer or a child who has a loved one with cancer – consider ordering the picture book – THE RAINBOW FEELINGS OF CANCER by Carrie Martin. Best for All, Elyse

  11. We'd like to give a shout out to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Expedia or 360 media: We would like to donate the use of our pirate pontoon boat to bring an adventure from Panguitch Lake, Utah to a young person treated at St. Jude who would like to be a pirate live for a moment in time. Please contact us at rockypointboatdock@yahoo.com

  12. girl – I love horses they like apples carrots and um tomatoes maybe aha. it's just sad that some people don't care about her and other kids who are sick and in allot of pain you can help these kids and Kira by supporting and subscribing to this channel lord knows I will do it it's for the greater good for kids and her

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