25 thoughts on “Drinking DIRTY WATER In FIJI?”

  1. Yes, we did sleep like babies after all that Kava and a huge thanks for all the love! We wanted to answer some of the big questions.
    We talk more about the trash on the beach, GiveCleanWater.org and more on our website here: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/drinking-dirty-water-in-fiji
    Link To The Water Filters: https://amzn.to/3fgGuKU
    If they are in need or poor, why do they have cell phones?
    They have basic phones that are very cheap (often given out for free after natural disasters like Cyclones). Local service is also inexpensive, they are not locked into contracts and it's pay as you go. Phones are for contacting emergency services, getting news, and the ability to coordinate work and contact loved ones.
    Why isn’t the government fixing the problem?
    Fiji is a developing country, they are working on it, but it takes time. Give Clean Water works with the government to help the most remote areas that will take the longest to reach.

  2. I have to be honest, I almost skipped this video, what could be so special about water. Wow, thank God that I didn't. How spoiled I am to take clean water for granted. Great video, great outreach. Thanks for sharing this experience. Those people were so grateful for what I take for granted.

  3. How good that was to give the filters so the wonderful people can have safe water to drink. I have been to Fiji and found the people to be so amazingly happy and friendly while having so few material possessions. They were a delight to spend time with and their ocean reefs were amazing, too. I would love to return some day. And the Kava ceremonies were something to remember, also.

  4. The Fijian people are so friendly and will appreciate this for years to come. Thank you for sharing the impact that this simple device can and will make. One day I hope to taste kava. Bula

  5. Way to go wynnns, Thank you two for sharing this and whomever created this brilliant life changing piece of tech, also the team distributing the resource. 2 buckets, a filter, no electricity, gravity and 10 year a filter, BRILLIANT. It is that simple. WOW.It is 2020 no one on planet earth should be living without clean water. PERIOD. NO EXCUSES.I'll be donating. ♥️🇨🇦🙏🏻✌🏻

  6. I guess I'm shocked that Figi Water doesn't supply their water to the locals/indigenous people. I'm rethinking buying Figi water until they contribute.

  7. Will you let us know if your video inspired donation to rise with this water project charity? Did you guys pull another kitten miracle? Only for water obviously….Let us know if you find out

  8. Loved this video guys! You guys are so wholesome and considerate. Thank you for doing what you're doing and making videos like this. Quick question, how did you find this organization and reach out to them? We're in India for lockdown, and I would love for us to give back in a similar way with learning about an amazing organization while also taking part in such a unique activity. Thanks for your help!

  9. There is a more practical & very cost-effective method to clean water to make it clear of both bio-hazards & chemicals (from things like pesticides): https://youtu.be/kazEAzGWuIc, which produces 300-l/day. These can be scaled up using concrete barrels/tanks to produce 2,000-l/day! That is more than enough to provide running water to all of the homes in that small village. They can be mass-produced by the government or a GMO, and delivered through-out Fiji or they can be made in-situ.

  10. GOT BAD NEWS FOR YOU….,These filters are made by Sawyer. I spoke at length with the Engineer who designed it (out in Florida). There is NO WAY that they can claimed .1 micron filtration! I even got the Ultimate 0.02 micron filter that claimed to filtered out VIRUS. Their products have been DISPROVEN! If you WANT REAL FILTER, buy FIRST NEED filters!! They are ThE VERY BEST!!!

  11. oh good after delivering the clean water systems to the local family group, you drank some some dirty water,from some dirty root pepper plant. gads they didn't even let you use a real kava bowl ..bummer. also thanks for the reply to my how you get to Tonga email, it only took me 45 minutes to write. but your egos are stuck so far up your you no what its par for the coarse. Hey Nicki ? let the guy have a life.

  12. That’s a great cause y’all. I was thinking like your husband did about drilling a well and having pure drinking water. Wow….thank you for showing the world this. Be safe y’all

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