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Dubrovnik – This Croatian city is one of Europe’s most enduring treasures. Check out the top places to visit in Dubrovnik and start planning a trip of your own!

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  1. "Što Hrvati, politički Hrvati imaju sa ljepotom i kulturom Dubrovnika? Ništa, sve tamo lijepo je starije od 600 godina, to nisu napravili Hrvati" – Mirjana Hrga

  2. Beautiful old dalmatian-italian town, real name is Repubblica di Ragusa. What we see here, the old town and buildings had never ever been Croatian. They just occupied it after WWI.

  3. If you want to find out more about Dubrovniks rich histroy or if you're a fan of Game of thrones join us on unique walking tour PolaWalks with polaroid cameras and return home with tangible memories.

  4. Well, looks like my top ten list of places to visit will have one more place added to it……!!!!!!!! I've always felt drawn to ancient, medieval towns and Dubrovnik has a special place in my heart even though I've never been there…..!!!! Hopefully one day I'll get to actually visit it ….!!!!!

  5. I just went this past November. Absolutely beautiful city! There are castle walls on one side, palm trees across the street, the Adriatic Sea surrounding you. It’s just an amazing city that you must experience for yourself

  6. I feel so lucky to be a European (not EU) citizen. Europe is without doubt, the most architecturally diverse part of the world, and boasts some of the worlds most beautiful and historic cities.

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