47 thoughts on “EMOTIONAL SURPRISE I NEVER SAW COMING|Somers In Alaska”

  1. Please please please don't become snowbirds, it'll completely ruin the Alaska ruggedness aura of your channel; escaping to Phoenix when the going gets tuff just doesn't cut it!

  2. Oh, man. It's been 2 months since my dad passed away and I was not prepared for this. Cherish the time you have with your family. Really wish I could've had a surprise like this.

  3. I cried when Jessica's dad came to surprise her. I lost both of my parents on April 7th. Then my grandma on the 19th.I would love to visit alaska one day! Love all the trees and nature!

  4. I was already subscribed and following all your social media – go figure me 🙂 Your hoodies look so so comfie. Today was so cool to meet Jessica's dad and I personally feel honoured that you'd share about your mom and dad's plans.

  5. I have been watching yall with my kids since we got orders to PCS there next summer. Im super nervous about the winter and absolutely love watching your gorgeous face! I have entered the giveaway and hopefully can get the sweater!(: keep doing what yall do

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!! Bert, you hit the nail on the head!!! My dad is always in my heart!! He passed 36 years ago and I miss him everyday!! When my hubby and I got married, 21 years ago May 15th, everyone expected me to ask my brother or my mom to walk me down the aisle. At the rehearsal dinner, my family asked me who was going to walk with me, my response was—my dad. "Maybe you won't be able to see him, but he WILL be there." I insisted. And he was!! Dads are GREAT people!!! Moms are too!!! God Bless!!!!

  7. Dads really do make a lot of difference. Your daughters are going to have a tough time filling your shoes when finding that special someone. Every day you put another few pixels in the picture of their futures. Of course it isn't just you. It's the Great Gamemaster upstairs. God Bless.

  8. Awww that was so sweet seeing your reaction to your dad being home!! Loved the vlog today so many sweet moments between your dad then your daughters card was so incredibly sweet loved it brought a smile to my face.

  9. So glad that you and the head guy from the other company were able to get the medical building's heating fixed! Bert, I know how you hate it when people are spending more than needed to heat their buildings. But you are right, it is very hard sometimes to find someone competent and trustworthy to fix the problem. I am glad that they finally found you and the other business to straighten things out. So glad about your Dad's visit Jessica! Enjoy!

  10. So crazy, your family line up is so simpler to mine!!! 5 kids, I'm the oldest then a brother 2yrs younger then 14yrs and 3 more siblings, all to the same parents!!! My mum likes to say it took her that long to get over my brother and I. 🤣

  11. Hi Somer's family. I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your videos. Truthfully, my watching your videos came about with the quarantining of COVID and hubby told me I need to watch it, as he has watched from the git-go and really enjoys. So, you have been my COVID binge, but now you are my weekly blessing. Also, seeing you dad to the video answered so many questions!!!!! I was constantly asking hubby "where is Jessica's dad, and why are some in Alaska and some in Arizona"? I was excited for him to be able to visit Alaska after 12 long years…….made me teary-eyed. Anyway, thank you for sharing your family, your faith, and lots and lots of fun. PS: Red is so my color. haha

  12. This vlog brought me to tears, I love seeing family reunited!& how fun—a giveaway! I had my first born 8 quick weeks ago, so currently trying to love my new body, and currently cleaning out the closet and donating what doesn’t fit anymore! 😂

  13. Thank you For awesome video. I am so happy that your dad got to come to visit after 13 years.Happy Anniversary to you guys. If I win the giveaway I would like a 2x if possible. Thanks Ellen

  14. Treasure every minute you have with your dad. My dad is 92 and has dementia. I have always been a daddy’s girl so it is devastating when he doesn’t know who you are. My parents have been married for over 70 years and there are times that he doesn’t know my mom. She takes care of him full time. Just please make all you can of the time you have with him. Bert, you are so right about girls and their daddy’s! You are such a great dad, giving your kids a healthy Christian loving upbringing is such a wonderful thing to watch. Stay safe!

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