25 thoughts on “First Time Traveling After Lockdown!! Nanaimo, Vancouver Island”

  1. How nice to see you traveling to such a beautiful part of Canada (although there are so many breathtaking parts of Canada that I can't count that high.) Are you planning to stay in Nanaimo? Just a recommendation; Duncan is only about 45 minutes south of there and has rich culture of the indigenous people of Canada. Have a splendid time!

  2. Yes Sadie, 'winter hats in summer by Sadie' is a nice marketing pitch. The mask you created is nice. Your hand stitching is quite fine actually. Keep on creating! You have so much creative energy that you need to unleash. The more you create, the happier and more confident you become. So much love and good wishes to both of you.

  3. I guess most of Sadie's life before P was as a student and, before that, as a teenager/child, and so her anecdotes to P are all from that time, whereas P has this whole wealth of life experience that Sadie must have to imagine rather than relate to…. I wonder how that feels for P? Perhaps there is something liberating in that for P 🤔

  4. Ugh.. I’m so sorry to go to Catalina Island here in California. I’m so over this pandemic and our government is simply useless 😡 Enjoy your trip !!

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