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Florida Keys – follow our adventure in the southernmost part of continental U.S. to see the epic string of islands that make for the ultimate beach vacation.

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  2. Living in Florida, the Keys are a must do. Been many times and must add Southernmost Point. Many great dining options. Take a jet ski tour around Key West and stop at amazing sand bars. Check out the Butterfly Conservatory. It's wonderful. Best beach is Smathers Beach because it's less crowded and you'll see Eagle Rays. The Keys are like a child who has an American father and Caribbean mother. Depending on traffic it's a three and a half to four plus hours drive from Miami to Key West. That drive on a clear day, you'll never forget. Enjoy!

  3. I literally just mentioned the Keys.. had to be my family's next Florida destination.. we just did Destin and fort Walton Beach for memorial weekend this yr.. my son wants to do Miami

  4. A very attractive place and on my list of places to go. I haven't been to the keys since I was a young child. Being a new travel blogger and blogger I plan to take full advantage of my travel freedom and visit this area soon.

  5. I've been interested in travelling back to Florida for a while now. At first I was primarily interested in the Everglades, then the tropical portion in general, then I discovered Dry Tortugas, and now this video of the entire Keys! Once this virus is over I'd love to drive down to paradise in the Keys! Are the Keys friendly for tent camping?

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