Germans PEE DIFFERENTLY than Americans?! Random Differences Pt. 1 | German Girl in America

This is the first part of my “Random Differences” mini-series! I’ll be releasing a new part on a different topic every other day for the next 1.5 weeks, so make sure …

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  1. Glad you guys find this topic interesting! 😁 And I'm actually surprised to see how different the German comments are compared to the Americans – seems like this cultural difference is even bigger than I thought! 😱 Please keep sharing your experiences below – it's fascinating to read about them!(This is the first part of my "Random Differences" mini-series! I'll be releasing a new part on a different topic every other day for the next 1.5 weeks, so make sure to subscribe and activate the bell to get notified when I upload a new episode. 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this series and this format and of course, I'll post my regular long, in-depth videos again in the future!)

  2. I'm an American and actually, when my brother was growing up, my father told him part of "being a man" was peeing standing up and that only "little girls" pee sitting down. I studied abroad in Konstanz this past semester, and the first time I saw those signs I asked my German friend if men actually followed instructions and peed sitting down and we had a whole discussion about it…I hadn't even realized there was a large cultural difference until then.

  3. I grew up in Germany in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but I never saw any public signs for men to sit down while peeing. I can imagine doing it at home, but never at a public restroom….most women don’t sit on public toilets neither, but hover over the toilet seat and create an even bigger mess. So, luckily as guys we have options 😉

  4. Some guys like the privacy of the stalls but for the most part still pee standing up. For the urinals, if your a kid/teenager, sometimes we have fun with it. If your best friend is peeing along side you, you might start backing up to see how long you can go.

  5. I'm British, I love the German culture and language but that's Weird. Your the first country I've heard of that sits down to pee (for men). I imagine that American men don't want to get their junk wet considering the water line on American toilets are so high. BTW have you heard about the SHEWEE?

  6. In the USA as a guy, if you mostly sit to pee, there's less ways to use the bathroom. Usually theres urinals (which you stand at, of course). Some guys consider it being a sissy to sit and pee, but I don't feel that way.

  7. I pee sitting down. But I poop standing up! Is that wrong?! 🤣But seriously, if its just peeing, I stand, but if I have to go "nummer zwei" (see what I did there?) and pee, no sense in standing. I've heard some people will sit then stand (or vice-versa) when doing the "combo" which to me sounds strange.

  8. Since I am the one to clean my own bathroom I pee sitting down when I'm at home or at a friends place. In public toilets where there are urinals I use those.

  9. Hey, really like how you take the more juicy topics head on 🙂 I guess the difference between at home and in public is key. For me, always go for the urinal and never sit down in public if I can help it and. At home, I sitting down seems just so much cleaner to me. One thing that I find hilarious (not sure about US, but I observe it in other, especially southern European, countries are guys that do not use the Urinals but go to the toilet cabins, just to pee standing there. Some even leaving the door open. I guess they seek more "privacy"? For me, that is the real unmanly thing.

  10. I’m sure some will find this sexiest, but it is just my opinion. Peeing standing up is one of the definitive distinctions between men and women, at least for a man’s point of view. Setting to pee is look at as a feminine act. So a man sitting to pee is looked at in a more feminine light. It is interesting that men sitting to pee in Germany came about during a feminist movement. It hints that women want a man to be more equal to them by sitting instead of standing, as women cannot stand to pee.

  11. My dad's german and my mom was from Guatemala. I grew up in Guatemala and lived one and a half years in Austria and in both countries I was called homosexual for peeing sitting down:p I don't really care though, at least my bathroom stays clean without that urine odor:p and my prostata is and will be fine:D

  12. I am a male New Zealander and it is normal that men pee standing in New Zealand. We do have toilets with seats that lift so there is no likelyhood of getting the seat wet, as long as one bothers to lift the seat. Being accurate at peeing is important in my family and if someone misses they clean up their mess immediately. My son's friends soon get the message if they miss and leave it for me to clean up.

  13. If I sit to urinate, my appendage would dip into water of the bowl. Not quite sanitary, you would all agree. It wasn't until recently I realized this wasn't a common consideration among men.

  14. I live in Austria but I am originally from the UK. Back in Southern England a Pee sitting down sign would seem really impolite. It's basically saying you don't trust your visitors to be clean. Why not a please don't vomit in my sink sign? Or a sign saying wipe front to back. Here in Austria I have even had land lords mention it minutes into a first flat viewing. In England I think if you mentioned that everyone would think you were some kind of weirdo!!

  15. What a topic, sitting is polite when at someone else’s house. I like sitting a lot of the time, easier then lifting the lid and aiming everytime, but no, there’s not much toilet etiquettes taught in schools or passed down from generations, which we should take better care of public bathrooms and guest bathrooms 🚽 sitting downs a good start, I think it’s cleaner, less splashing. IMO

  16. So going out clubbing or Sporting events in Germany are the lines equal to the bathrooms? Part of standing is much less disrobing so going is faster than having to go to a stall and disrobe. That is one reason I speculated why the line to the ladies room was always longer in the USA, it takes them longer.

  17. No we are men in the USA we stand up and pee. That’s why we won WW2 facts. You grab it and point unless I’m guessing it’s to small

  18. When I get up in the middle of the night to pee, I pee sitting down. You don't have to turn on the light to aim, you just sit down, pee, wash your hands and go back to sleep. During the day it's a mixed bag. If I want to catch up on my games and social media on my phone while I pee, I'll sit down and take my time. If I need to pee urgently or if I'm otherwise in a hurry, I'll stand up.Standing up can be messy because the shape of the urethra is more like a vertical slit than it is a hole, and if the urine stream isn't strong the middle portion of the slit can stick together, temporarily creating two holes, until the urine stream is strong enough to unstick the middle. The problem with two holes is they often don't want to pee in the same direction, leading to a mess. If you're sitting down it's not an issue, but if you're standing up you can end up peeing in the bowl and on the floor (or on your own leg!) at the same time.

  19. Als Kind habe ich mich, ausschließlich, zum Pinkeln hingesetzt, weil ich 6 ältere Schwestern hatte, die naturlich saß. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Männer aufstanden. Mein Vater las die Zeitung auf der Klo (pinkeln und scheissen) und, deshalb, saß immer zum Pinkeln. Ich habe erst im Kindergarten stehende Pinkeln gelernt aber dass war mich total unbequem. Aus diesem Grund pinkle ich immer im Sitzen, obwohl das für australische Männer nicht normal ist (das ist vieleicht ein "Anglo" ding), außer wenn ich in einem Wald spazieren gehe. Dann fühle ich mich wie ein Tier – es ist Natur. Meine Familie (Geschwister) hat nie von Pinkeln oder Scheißen gesprochen (nicht höflich "Shush, child"), aber ich habe das mit meinen eigenen Kindern korrigiert. Deshalb sind "turds" und besonders "giant turds" ein häufiges Thema bei uns, aber Pinkeln nicht so häufig.Ich glaube heutzutage daß Männer ihre smartphone lesen 'müssen'; deshalb setzen. (Google hat mir mit meine Deutsch geholfen)

  20. As I matured and realized what a mess I was making (and leaving for someone else to clean up), I began sitting when I was in a private residence. It only makes sense to me now, but here in America it's a common insult to masculinity to accuse a man of "squatting to pee."

  21. It is my understanding that in Europe they have common sex bathrooms. If this is the case then your observations make sense. In the US we have separate bathrooms although we are starting to move towards a common bathroom in certain circumstances. Honestly, I never gave it much thought although as growing up it was somewhat considered feminine to sit and pee as a man.

  22. American parents often teach their little boys to pee standing up by putting Cheerios in the commode and having them aim for the Cheerios. Great way to teach them aiming with accuracy!

  23. The idea that peeing sitting down is better comes from the perception that ladiesrooms are cleaner than mensrooms.This is not really the case. Though they might smell better, on a bacterial level they are just as dirty or even dirtier. (In the mensroom you are warned by your nose though)

  24. If you think a man can't make a mess on the floor while sitting down to pee, you haven't gone into the bathroom after my father. (Yes, I'm quite sure he sits down; he's old, he doesn't stand up for more than about 10 seconds under any circumstances, ever. And it takes him like 10 minutes to pee, so there is absolutely no way he is standing up that whole time. Your American friends who say men don't sit down to pee are probably mostly your own age. I can assure you that older men are way more likely to sit down.)Also, one other question: do they not have urinals in public restrooms in Germany? Oh, right, it's Germany, they don't have public restrooms, I forgot. The pay restrooms then. Do they not have urinals in the mens' rooms?

  25. When I visited Germany in '76, I saw the first ever urinal wall at a restaurant in Munster. It appeared to be a marble slab about 10 feet wide, six feet high with a trough about 5 inches wide and two deep, with a drain in the middle (the bottom of the trough sloped slightly from each end to the drain). Across the the wall about a foot from the top ran a pipe with holes leaking water onto the wall. You just walked up anywhere along the wall, unzipped and let it go onto the wall. Plenty of room for a crowd and no flushing or worries about splatter.Saw several others later in different cities during the trip.

  26. Stehen oder sitzen ist aus Bequemlichkeits-Sicht kein großer Unterschied für mich. Es spielen ganz andere Dinge eine Rolle.In öffentlichen Toiletten stehe ich grundsätzlich, da ich es ekelig finde, mich mit meiner Haut auf ein öffentliches Klo zu setzen, wo von anderen was daneben gegangen sein kann. Zuhause nur im sitzen, weil im stehen immer etwas daneben gehen kann. Und das will man zuhause nicht.Ein anderes Argument ist, dass an Urinalen kein Klopapier ist. Ich finde es ekelig ohne Klopapier. "Der letzte Tropfen landet immer in der Hose." Mit Klopapier nicht. Daher auch zum Pinkeln immer in die Kabine. Und dort dann im stehen. Mag asozial sein, aber ist ja nicht mein Zuhause…Was auch extrem lächerlich ist, sind veralte Klischees von Männlichkeit. Dass "echte Männer" im stehen Pinkeln. Totaler Bullshit von Menschen, deren Weltbild im 20. JH stehen geblieben ist. Als Frau kriegst du das vielleicht nicht so mit, aber ich habe mir solche Sprüche immer wieder anhören müssen.

  27. I live 25 min from Cincinnati. In my experience living here men kind of get made fun of if someone finds out they sit down to pee. Like for example a friend walks in on a friend peeing "ew man are you taking a poo?" "No, I'm peeing.""Why you peeing like a bitch?"

  28. I’m a switch hitter, depends on the situation. If I’m tired or want to kill time I sit down, but any other time I typically stand. Also depends on urinal or tree/bush availability. Also, it shouldn’t be a bad thing to stand and pee as long as you have good aim and clean up your misfires.

  29. I met so many men bevor who were telling me that standing is manly and sitting is a women thing. And that it is a bad thing to be called a women as a man. Stupid c***. For me it's good manner to sit down. Especially because women habe to sit down and no man can tell me that his aim always is perfect. Would you want to sit in the pee of other people? I don't think so. And many man don't lift up the toilet seat. So for me it is a piece of respect towards women.And if you have too clean your own bathroom you will learn really fast to be carefull.

  30. I’m genuinely curious to know what the rules of peeing outside, as a guy, are in Germany and Europe as a whole! Here it’s totally normal to even pee on the edge of a field during sports practice, but when I took a slash on a friend’s farm in England his dad was like “what the hell are you doing?!”

  31. As someone who works in a library, with public bathrooms, I can’t tell you how many times that I have cursed the parents who teach their sons to pee standing up. It’s not that it is inherently wrong, IF YOU CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. It apparently, most me. Just find that too demeaning. Apparently it is also to demeaning to lift the lid of a stool before peeing,, so that the stools in men’s rooms here are routinely covered in other people’s pee. So if you have to have a poo, you either have to clean up after everyone else who couldn’t be bothered, just sit in it, or hold it in.

  32. i lived in germany for a few years in the early 2000s. i noticed many public bathrooms have an attendant. a person sitting next to a table with a plate with change and you're supposed to tip. i always tossed a 1 euro coin on but what is the most common tip to give? was i giving too much or being cheap?

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