ICELAND – Post CORONA | Trip to the GLACIER LAGOON [Travel VLOG Episode 72]

Join me on this long roadtrip along the Southern coast of Iceland. We will visit two beautiful waterfalls, stunning black beach filled with ice making it look like …

19 thoughts on “ICELAND – Post CORONA | Trip to the GLACIER LAGOON [Travel VLOG Episode 72]”

  1. Nice vids man, congrats! I'm planning to go in 15 days if my flights are not canceled… How was Glacier Lagoon? It really worth the visit? Which spot was more impressive for you?

  2. What’s the rules in Iceland for using a Drone? I’m visiting next year and would like to get some aerial shots. I see some of your video footage on the start looks like it uses a drone. The place looks beautiful, I’m glad I’m going next year 🇮🇸

  3. I actually started travelling again after quite a long time of lock down. It was quick connection with your video. It was good quality content and that's what I also focus on my travel videos. Keep posting mate. Long way to go!!

  4. Have you already started traveling again? 🙂 What was it like? Have you ever been in Iceland?
    Anything more you would like to share? Love, hate, anything is welcome 😀

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