Iceland: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar 1/5

Iceland: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar gives you all the info you need to explore the island of fire and ice like a pro. Learn some basics about the …

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  1. At the end of this video, please use your copy books and carry out the test at the end of this video. Hand in your work at the end of the lesson and don't forget to see the teacher on the way out

  2. you mentioned this video post as 1/5, am unable to find the other parts, even this is same for Japan, watched only 1/5 part, am eager to watch all posts, hope you provide links for my question , thanks in advance

  3. Lovely place lovely video great voice of the speaker good info very helpful.i will be thankful to u guys if u can tell me how expensive is Iceland BTW tourradar rocks can't wait for the new videos

  4. Awesome footage, awesome land, awesome people,……and warm greetings from Portugal. Your country never ceasses to always amaze me. Nature at it's best. No doubt if you love nature, Iceland is the place.

  5. LOL haha The northern lights are truly amazing but when you live here you may be sitting in your couch watching tv in the evening of winter and then your mom calls to you that the northern lights are dancing in the sky outside and you just go " mmhhhmm okey dokey" and continue to watch tv cause you have seen them so often haha

  6. Great video. Minus 6C though for us last week! Yes expensive! Try the reindeer soup served in a brown loaf on Main? Street. Shins with L!:) Got nice Aurora video one night. Have a 2min look. More than o follow so subscribe if you want.

  7. Hi, me and my girlfriend wanna go on a trip to Iceland the 31st of december 'till 10th of January. Anyone who lives in Iceland and knows places where i can sleep for cheap, that can offer me a place to sleep – Wich we pay for ofcourse, or even camp some days? also i would like to be close to the most beautifull places to visit during winter. Stay Blessed everyone.

  8. I want to go during the off season (Its now November) — Its cheaper & to see the Northern LightsI want to go sometime soon, but I dont want to go when there's snow (a LITTLE would be okay).I want to go when theres still greenery — When should I go?

  9. Great documentary! We just came back from Iceland ourselves and there so much more to see. You can spend months exploring! Checkout our channel for an autumn perspective and hidden gems in our latest videos 💙📷📹

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