I’m closing the workplace – it’s a tragic day

I’ve been in Playa Fañabé for a good few years now but thanks to the obvious setback the world has had in 2020…I’m looking towards the future and I’ve closed …

37 thoughts on “I’m closing the workplace – it’s a tragic day”

  1. Hi Simon, yep made me feel a bit sad as well seeing you close the office. Where are you moving onto?… or has the Covid19 caused a change of direction. Hope everything works out for you.. Cheers Shaun

  2. Oh how sad. Your videos are great and I too hope it’s just the shop and not the business closing. You’ve clearly made a great impression on viewers and come across so well that I’m sure you will continue on in your sales.

  3. So sad you are closing your office in such a lovely part of Tenerife. I watch and love all your videos. Am hoping to retire to Costa Adeje and hope you can still help me find my perfect home. Can’t wait to see the happy ending 🥰

  4. Sorry to hear you are closing the Playa Fanabe office. I thought after the interview with Tim Dowd, that the future of the business would be picking up (good interview btw). Good luck with future plans though. I downloaded your guide recently. A very good read. Thank you.

  5. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. By the tone of your Vlog, i don't think it's the end for you. Just that office.With the way the internet has kicked off in recent years, I cant see the need for more than one office to be totally honest.(I might be wrong tho!)No doubt, we shall still see a-lot from you Simon. Best of luck whichever way you're going.

  6. Nooooo, , I’m sadly stuck in the states! I’ve so enjoyed your video tours, Thank you for sharing the sights & sounds of beautiful Tenerife. Hope you continue your rentals & sales online.

  7. Hi Simon it is a sad day that you are having to shut your shop so sorry. However all the stuff that you do online is great and so are your vlogs . I hope whatever you've got in the pipe line works out great mate. All the very best.👍🤞😎

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