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Epic history, thundering landscapes and ancient artefacts await in Jordan. See why this special destination captured the hearts of all those involved in the …

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  1. The music give me goosebumps, the narrator's voice make me think I was transported in the ancient middle eastern world, and the video make me feel I'm walking through time…❀amazing

  2. Your video is really amazing! Woaw, I love it. We travelled to Jordan last October (2019) and were amazed by the beauty of the country and the kindness of the people. Have a look at our video, much less professional than yours but still gives an impression:'m quite new to youtube and if you can give little help to my humble channel. And always open for your comments and tips.

  3. you can use Ryan Air to visit Jordan from Europe, don't waste your money on expensive tickets, use that money to have a better experience in Jordan , some of the tickets to Jordan on Ryan Air as cheap as 5 EUR!

  4. Does anyone have experience with traveling in Jordan during Ramadan? Are there enough restaurants open during the day? Are the tourist attractions just open?

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