Key West, Florida | 4K Video

Check out that shots of a beautiful Key West at Florida Keys, the Southernmost Point of the Continental United States of America… If you’re in the states this is the …

28 thoughts on “Key West, Florida | 4K Video”

  1. Enjoy the footage… If you're going there keep in mind that Zachary Taylor State Park is currently banned from drones thats why I didn't flew my drone there during this trip and I used the shots I took back in 2015 when the drones were still allowed… You can see the video from 2015 trip here if you haven't yet the like and comment if you liked that one and seen you in the next video! Have a great weekend… Stay safe! Crazy times…

  2. What type of drone are you using and what do you have it set on. The graphic looks great. Check my channel, I recorded a video of South Padre. Tell me how I can make my Footage look like this.

  3. Very nice. I've been to Key West several times. Last time was 2 years ago. Took the drone but the weather became very windy. Took up a Raven R44 helicopter tour instead but the video wasn't worth posting due to the cloudy weather. I've snorkeled at that location 3:00 and found it very enjoyable. I see you have other locations in there too like Bahia Honda. Great work. The drive down there is brutal though.

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