23 thoughts on “Kraków, Poland: Poland’s Cultural Capital”

  1. krakow in winter is totally different haha in summer seems like a beautiful cultural capital with a beautiful sunlights …I were in krakow in march and it was too cold but we didnt saw snow. I mean, the views were grey and we were 1 week in krakow and we had only 1 sunny day , well ''sunny day'' because at 5 pm there is no sun. But its an amazing place to visit . But i cant wait to go in summer because if i enjoyed the cold winter in krakow, after watch this video i cant wait to go back in june or in july.

  2. yeah, i love how she says that "all" of Poland was "Catholic and Polish," which kept Poland together. she completely ignores the fact that at the time Poland was less than 50% Polish. There were huge "minorities" of Belorussians, Russians, Ukrainians, Ruthenians. Not to mention the largest Population of Jews in the world at the time. it's just a complete willing blindness to the realities of history in the name of national(ist) pride.

  3. Visited Krakow a few weeks ago. Lovely city. So much to see and do. Friendly people and good food at good prices. Also got to visit the Tatras. Would definitely go back.

  4. Rick Steves, you should return to Poland and especially to Warsaw, Krakow, Czestochowa (Jasna Gora monastery), Gdansk, the Malbork castle, Torun, Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin and Zamosc, in order to make a proper programme about the heritage from the greatest and most tolerant nation in the 16th century Europe, The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.

    The programme should also give the viewers the possibility to explore more of the life of the poles and their rich cultural and culinary heritage.

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