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Kyoto – long considered one of Japan’s most beautiful cities. From its temples to its modern delights, check out the top sights of Kyoto. When ready, browse …

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  1. I am planning to visit japan in december this year.. I am planning to visit Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara and Sapporo… Any japanese here please suggest me some good places and traditional japanese foods…Cant wait to visit this beautiful piece of land with years old culture mixed with futuristic cities and lovely people…Love from india🇮🇳❤🇯🇵

  2. I live in Osaka where is next to Kyoto. as I saw comments that people should avoid going to Kyoto in summer. I'm afraid it's true. Even though the temperature is around30~33 degree. but you may feel it is like over 40 degree because of its humidity and the landscape.I recommend you to visit Kyoto in autumn around November. you can enjoy the beautiful leaves changing its colour into red. hope you enjoy Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great video ! If you want to discover nature of Japan, the sakuras, the eagles and beautiful trekking in Kyoto and around, welcome to watch my short meditative video :

    Regards, YC

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