Lido Gives Us A Post-Pandemic Travel Guide To Oslo Norway


Lido is an artist whose work you probably know intimately without even realizing it. The Norwegian producer, singer, and songwriter has worked behind the boards with Jaden Smith, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and A$AP Ferg, among others. He produced “Same Drugs” and “Angels,” two of the best songs on Chance The Rapper’s best album (Coloring Book obviously). He contributed two songs to the Netflix anime Carole and Tuesday (helmed by the director of Cowboy Bebop) and he’s worked extensively with Halsey, co-producing and writing six songs on the singer’s last two albums. Dude is everywhere.

With his latest album PEDER, Lido is stepping up the production and songwriting to a level the artist has only previously hinted at. His latest single, “Rise” is an uplifting, spiritual jam that presents Lido’s voice in a spacey backdrop of aquatic synths as he slips between a fragile falsetto and a strong resonant tenor. Throughout Rise, layers of percussion and synths are gradually added as the song blooms into a rhythmic bop that actually makes you feel hopeful in this bleak era.

In celebration of Lido’s newest single, we linked up with the producer and singer for a post-pandemic travel guide to his home city of Oslo, Norway. It’s might be a fair bit of time before travel is safe again, but we’re counting down the days until we can hop on a plane and hit up Lido’s Oslo suggestions with some earbuds in and those uplifting synths thrumming.

Michael Drummond

Best spot in Oslo to grab a coffee?

Tim Wendelboe’s

Tim Wendelboe’s is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had. There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m in town that I don’t grab a coffee (or three) there. It’s this quaint, very cozy corner shop and that first sip of their coffee feels like home, I miss it.

Best place to enjoy the outdoors in Oslo?

Aker River

Aker River, Oslo in the summer is the perfect place to be. The rushing river runs straight through the center of the city, and the scenery is straight out of a fairy tale. It’s my go-to place to sit down, relax, daydream, and read a good book. The nature in Norway is something I definitely miss when I’m in the States, there’s nothing like it here.

Best spot to grab lunch?


Mathallen is a giant food hall in Oslo. It’s this incredible, bustling space like a farmer’s market, and the food is out of this world. There are so many options to choose from, everything from noodles, to tacos, pizza, amazing mussels, anything you can think of. My favorite is the Fish soup (almost as good as my mom’s). It has the perfect amount of seafood with the right amount of creaminess.

Best dinner spot in Oslo?

Villa Paradiso

Villa Paradiso — another go-to place for me. They have these fresh, personal pizzas that come out of the oven piping hot every time, they’re amazing. Everything is made in-house, and you can definitely taste how fresh the ingredients are. They have this amazing truffle pizza, and I also love any pizza with burrata on it. So good!

Best sandwich spot in Oslo?

Godt Brod

Godt Brod has the best sandwich with bread so fresh you can smell it from down the block. I love simple food, like a sandwich, that gets elevated with incredible, fresh ingredients added to an already amazing dish. Sometimes I leave with an extra loaf of bread in tow because it is that good. They also make really delicious pastries and baked goods.

Best place to grab a drink?

Den Gamle Skobutikken

Den Gamle Skobutikken has the best drinks in the city. This place has a really cool vibe, it’s very unique, and the cocktails are so bomb, too. My friend actually owns the place, so it’s a big gathering spot for us whenever I’m in town. I don’t get to see my friends as often as I’d like, so whenever I’m back in town you can always find us catching up here. I’ve even done a few listening parties there before.

Best place to catch a concert or live music?


Blaa is such an amazing place for music in Oslo. It’s this venue in Downtown Oslo, a bit more underground, but it’s a really cool local spot. I even played there a few times when I was younger. They also serve really great food and the view from the patio is incredible, it’s a must-see if you’re in Oslo. I’m getting nostalgia just thinking about it.

Best spot to cop a fly pair of kicks?


YME is one of my favorite stores on Earth. Everything is so well-curated and fire. They always have the best selection of all my favorite brands in town. They always show me love when I go and I’ve gotten some of my favorite pieces in my closet from there.

What is the best place in Oslo to escape?

The Oslo Opera House

The top of the Opera house is my favorite place to go to escape. The view is so beautiful. It’s a great place to go and clear your mind. The architecture is incredible and it’s one of those places that makes me feel grateful to have grown up in Norway.


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