Lisbon Travel Guide

Our Lisbon travel guide! What a treat this city is. Lisbon, and indeed much of Portugal, is a traveller’s dream come true. Easy to navigate, effortlessly enjoyable, …

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  1. How about visiting Prague for one of the next episodes? The city is very welcoming and beautiful. I’ve been living there for the last year. I can even help you by showing the most interesting places over the city including affordable restaurants and bars. Feel free to drop me a line in case you’re interested🙂

  2. Love your 'just the facts' style, sprinkled with sly humor, and insider know how. Great blend. I want to put a plug in for another, completely different travel site – Coddiwompler. Only 6 videos so far, each one a 3 – 4 minute Gem.

  3. I visited Lisboa in 2016 for a couple of days, boy I could have used your video back then lol. 1st thing I did was to take a Taxi lol, fortunately for me the Taxi Driver didnt take me all over the city to get to my Hotel, but yeah i missed out on Pastel De Nata and the Ginjinha. The Good news is that you're back, and looking slimmer, and I know more now and will go back to Lisboa! thanks!!.

  4. One of the most accurate videos about lisbon, just three corrections, the parking scam isn't new, it is as old as old as i can remember, and the coffee and bear are half that price, unless you are a tourist 😉Congrats for the video and cheers from lisbon

  5. Great movie Attache! I went to Lisbon too lat march and not for the last time, it's really beautiful and fantastic city with good food and beer and port 😛

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