Local Matters: Boston faces pandemic-induced eviction crisis

A wave of coronavirus-related evictions is threatening residents in communities across the country. Boston Globe business reporter Tim Logan joined CBSN to …

43 thoughts on “Local Matters: Boston faces pandemic-induced eviction crisis”

  1. This is not an eviction crisis. It is a crisis of responsibility. It’s been 3 months, not 3 years. These tenants defrauded their landlords by entering contracts they could not afford.

  2. Hello City Life/Vida Urbana & MIT, When you create visual graphs comparing the totality of something to a percentage there in, you should not have graphs of equal size and scale. It is disingenuous. Also what are "White" "Black" and "of Color" neighborhoods? Perhaps White families are evicted in Black neighborhoods or the "of color"… colored?…with color… non-transparent people are evicted in White neighborhoods. Did you control for income and family size. I'm no MIT statistician but I would bet there is a stronger correlation between evictions and income/ employment than race and ethnicity. If not, what you are doing IS actually racist.

  3. Not “could” lead to a homelessness crisis…”will” lead to one. And it’s going to happen everywhere.America’s broken capitalist system has left MOST Americans with less than $400 in the bank for emergencies. Do the math.

  4. market monitors foresaw economic woe resulting from this pandemic.raising demand for federal stimulus and rent deferment or rent cancellation, harbinger the imminent recession.

  5. Any further stimulus or bailouts should be paid for with taxes, not borrowing. The U.S. national debt clock is over $26 trillion, and climbing. This debt will burden future generations; we are stealing from the future.

  6. Boston faces government-induced eviction crisis. Viruses didn't make public announcements to declare the destruction of businesses, jobs, income, and livelihood of millions of Americans…Government took this risk and shall now be accountable and responsible for all of it's consequences and any millions of Deaths.

  7. The Governor shuts the state down and keeps it shut for 4 months now. People brought up the eviction problem and the govt says Not to worry, the eviction courts are closed so no one can be evicted. How's that working out! Of course all state workers got their regular paychecks while staying home. We Are Not All in this together!

  8. What freeze??!! My landlord gave me an eviction notice one day late on my rent! He couldn't care less about any freeze on eviction. He said he wanted his money or get out.

  9. Congress gave our tax dollars that should have helped us to wallstreet , corporations , to the rich and breadcrumbed the very people that pays them to protect the people

  10. Wake up ya idiots. The "kung-flu" is just the latest from Cathay. The big problem, right there in front of your faces is that "everything" is made in "communist china". Bring the jobs back, demand "made in the U.S.A." goods. And get you a sleeping bag, sheets and towels, like "Uncle Chuy" did in 1981 when he moved into Grandmas basement until he died in 2003. Now bring on Trumps taxes. I want to see if he signs with a "magic marker'?

  11. 150 Day Freeze on Bank Mortgages 120 Day Freeze on Landlord Rents, reimbursement program for Landlords, Banks can suck it. People Should Not Be Thrown Out of their homes because of a Pandemic. Crowding Eviction Courts, judges can refuse the evictions. a Rancid Scandal midst the Pandemic, SHAME. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  12. If you got time to protest and riot then you got time to work. Everyone able to work in my family worked through the pandemic. My eldest son (in college) even got his first job and started working during the pandemic to help pull his weight. He is also renting out rooms in his home for students/low income people @ $200 per month in the house we help him buy.

  13. If you want to see where it goes I don’t understand don’t think that the Democrats in the house is going to let these people vacate the homes because I guess that’s why Trump and Republican Senate will want them to do because how are you going to vote when you don’t even have an address that’s like treating the Indians back in the 18 election no address could involve

  14. I mean why don’t the house pass a bill to raise the taxes on 1% because every year than 1% is not paying any taxes and if they pay taxes that’ll be almost 240,000,000,000 coming in every year

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