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Lombok – See why this island in the Indonesian archipelago is lovingly called “Bali’s little sister”. Check out the top places to visit and explore in Lombok.

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  1. I agree with Jeanne R (below). Although this video shows some of Lombok's magic, it just touches on what the island has to offer! For some Lombok video playlists and Mt Rinjani videos check out our channel.

  2. so many more Lombok has to offer missed in this video. beautiful white sandy beaches around southern Lombok (even waayy prettier than Bali beaches), photogenic waterfalls, and one of the best trekking in Indonesia..Rinjani! Rinjani is often the main reason tourists come to Lombok. Beaches, surfing, many Gilis around are another main reasons. Villages, waterfalls, rice fields,etc are bonus. But seriously, to skip Rinjani in Lombok travel guide is a mistake. but this video still brings back good memory of Lombok for me.

  3. You made video of Lombok but missed to shoot Rinjani's Segara Anak magnificent crater lake? You might need to send someone to shoot again 😀 just kidding, but seriously you're missing on one of the best hiking trail in Indonesia.

  4. thank you very much…you was introducing place fovourite tourist in Indonesia, but. please,make videos again about Indonesia,Indonesia have many place beautiful,like culture city Yogyakarta,toba lake,lake biggest in southeast asia,Raja ampat have power sea beautiful from heaven,wakatobi,and others..i hope,you can make it…thnk you..smile. from Indonesia..

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