London Reopens 2020 | Piccadilly Circus to Covent Garden by way of China Town

This London walking tour starts in Piccadilly Circus and takes us to Covent Garden via China Town (SOHO) and Leicester Square. London reopens restaurants …

47 thoughts on “London Reopens 2020 | Piccadilly Circus to Covent Garden by way of China Town”

  1. did all my lockdown shopping in m&s & JL oxford st, Chinese shops in queues no cars just a few shoppers & pigeons..this looks crowded in comparison lol

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  3. Приятная прогулка по замечательному Лондону. Бывал в этих районах при посещении Лондона. Нахлынули приятные воспоминания! Большое спасибо автору видео!

  4. Good stuff as always, only thing that baffles is how can 70% of shoppers be so reckless and not wear a masks. Face coverings will be mandatory from 24 July with £100 fines for non-compliance and shops can call police to enforce.

  5. Hi UWE, a wonderful walk from PC to CG via CT. This time around there was lot activity around China Town. I could see a lot of people defying the new normal. I think you had done a tour of these places just last week. May be there was small change in the route taken. All the same enjoyable one. Thank you.

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