Lord of the Forest – Tāne Mahuta in HOKIANGA, New Zealand | NORTHLAND NZ ROAD TRIP VLOG 3/3

In this final vlog of our Northland, New Zealand road trip we made our gradual journey back to Auckland down the west side of the North Island while stopping at …

40 thoughts on “Lord of the Forest – Tāne Mahuta in HOKIANGA, New Zealand | NORTHLAND NZ ROAD TRIP VLOG 3/3”

  1. Good morning. What a beautiful B&B👌 Yen you so cute waving at them cows😊 Of course Peter wearing jandles while Yen is very much covered 😂 You guys making me miss NZ😍aaawwww and the kiwi accent🤙 Yummy fishnchips and raw fish, you guys are winning, pity about the flounder😋my fav❤️ you guys are so good with your pronunciations👏 Much alofa’s😍😍

  2. Yes, it does look like an enchanted forest on the boulder trail. Nice try communicating with those cows! That AirBnB was just lovely and an incredible price. Tane Mahuta is absolutely epic. A sacred tree, full of life. We definitely enjoyed coming on this trip with you. New friends here.

  3. Pretty good. Pretty respectful and knowledgeable. There are taller Kauri but they are really deep in the Waipua forest. I'm a little disappointed there were no shots of the harbour opening or the twin taniwha but that's a local nitpicking haha

  4. Horeke is my whenua. Many generations of Taylor’s have come from that very area. Motukiore specifically. How beautiful to stumble upon this video at random and be reminded of the wairua of my land. Tautoko and Aroha to you both

  5. Awesome Airbnb! We love the clean look too 🙌🏼. Haha Yen’s so cute waving at the cows 🐮.Those boulders really are gigantic 😱😆. The Tane Mahuta tree is so cool! I went there when I was little, would love to go back. Mmm fish and chips! They look so tasty! Awesome vlog guys! We always look forward to watching it! Love how Peter’s always wearing his jandles even though it looks a little cold too 🥶😂🙌🏼.

  6. We drove up northland over summer all the way to the cape, pretty amazing with all the raw Maori history and the beaches are absolutely gorgeous.Would be great travelling now without many tourists, Tane Mahata was crowded when we went couldn't get a good family photo! 🙃

  7. Beautiful Airb&b, Peter is the master of shoe-wear 😂😂 beautiful place anything nature we love👌🏼yes raw fish is the best our favourite! Thanks for taking us around such a beautiful place 👍 Katrina

  8. Great views and hikes…. truly an enchanted forest! Very unique! Very happy to hear that there were no bugs! I’m curious, do Kiwis ever eat fish & chips with malt vinegar?

  9. Those forests are pretty amazing!! That tallest tree is so unique looking, the trees around it are really different in comparison! It's so cool how similar they are to BC here in Canada even though it's literally on the other side of the earth! Great video guys!!

  10. Another great video from your NZ series! Definitely makes me wanna visit! Wish the situation gets better real soon so we can travel safely and enjoy the beautiful views there! That is definitely a beautiful looking forest – straight out of a fantasy movie! You must be a skilled hiker haha, you’re wearing sandals and make the walk through the forest seem very easy! The fish and chips looks absolutely amazing – i haven’t had fish and chips in a long time and this is making me hungry! $90 is definitely a great deal for accomodation! Great video once again! ♥️ take care!

  11. It makes me so happy to hear everyone in this pronounce place names and te reo Māori words properly as a matter of course. Ātaahua. Ngā mihi ki a koorua, great vids!

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