Memphis: 10 Things That Shock Tourists in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, TN is the home of the Blues, Elvis Presley, and Mud Island. There is so much to see & do in the city that some tourists are surprised that Memphis was …

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  1. Memphis my home town! 😊 Best bar b q in the world, and yes right now in June it's hot as hell! And yes, my grandparents were acquainted with Elvis and he actually held my mother when she was a little girl. No that cost for Graceland is so Priscilla can keep getting paid🤔🤔

  2. Here's the deal come to shit hole Memphis if you dare. What a wrecked murderous disaster of a city. I've lived a little south of Pissphis for 25 years. How about 200 murders a year. Come to Memphis at you're own risk. You have been warned.

  3. Be sure and leave pocket knives or guns in your car if going to Beale St the cops often or always maybe search you before the let you on Beale St , it’s a bitch to walk a pocket knife back somewhere. But it’s not a bad thing probably.

  4. People in Memphis are too damn slow. They walk slow, talk slow, think slow, breathe slow, and drive slow. People in Memphis are willfully and defiantly stupid. Everyone does drugs, addiction is rampant. Learning and knowledge are frowned upon. There are criminals and religious maniacs, and not a whole lot in-between. Memphis is an intellectually bankrupt cultural backwater.

    Not a place for any decent human being to live, ever, at all.

  5. The Crime is no different than any other urban area. Yes like all cities you have to be aware of where you are. Don’t make yourself a victim. The city is in the middle or rehabbing Elvis Presley Blvd. But like all cities we have ghettos and wealthy areas.

  6. I just visit Memphis in Oct, of 2019. I'm an Elvis fan and of course definitely wanted to do Graceland. Yes, it is expensive, but it is a lot to see. You realize how much Elvis has done in his short lifetime of being famous. If more people where like him, his character, this world would be a better place. Wasn't there long and didn't get to do the Civil Rights Museum and such, but hope to come back one day and see more again. I never felt unsafe while I was there. As a matter of fact, when in Nashville, I got all kinds of murder/crime notifications on my phone, but in Memphis I got very few. Not sure why since everyone says it is so unsafe. But I didn't feel unsafe. Of course we used common sense too. Our one tour guide that we did one day also told us places that we could get out and visit and places that we shouldn't. I loved it and loved Graceland, hope to come back one day!

  7. Born and raised in Memphis and I'm going to tell you something I love it the people are great and the people are kind as long as you mind your business don't be snitching you get along with everybody I've been in this city my whole life I've never had one instance with a black man that was racial never had any racial things come against me a lot of that is a bunch of reporters hyping up stuff and trying to get a story this City is in love with each other we love our people and our people love us

  8. I'm from Memphis and it's TRUE what he's saying, especially crime and the best tap water.❤✌🏾Buttttt true Memphians have never stepped foot in Graceland 🤣

  9. Don’t forgot Jerry’s Sno Cones. Pick a flavor and make it a Supreme! Don’t forget to stir it up before eating. It’s delicious!!!! It’s a local favorite.

  10. I was there in October of last year and it was by far the best place I’ve ever been me and my wife loved every minute of it Graceland the civil rights museum Beale street and sooo much more I was literally crying when we had to go to the airport to fly home anyway can’t wait to go back

  11. I'm a born and raised Memphian. I enjoyed watching your video. You nailed the hot tourist attractions and great safety tips. I was surprised though that you left out St.Jude's hospital. There's so much history to be known about it and how it's a vital part our city.

  12. People who visit never know the real Memphis, I've lived here for 40 years and I can tell you it has turned to poop !! He doesn't mention how bad the crime and murder rate really is , check the FBI stats. Be aware of everything and everyone around you. The local criminal base loves to see out-of-towners. This guy seems really enthusiastic about here and that's cool but be careful if you go !!

  13. I went to art school in Memphis, drove a limo for the Peabody, performed dance choreography, had too good a time. I'd been away from most of 20 years, and a lot of my friends warned me, "You were here during a GOLDEN AGE for Memphis, and that's gone." A few years ago I started taking one of my kids to Memphis Tigers football games, and taking him around town, introducing him to my old haunts. My friends were wrong: that Memphis that I knew way back when is still there in abundance. As we were leaving town after our first visit together, my kid asked me, "Daddy, does everyone in Memphis know you? They act like they do!" And I had to say, "Look, Memphis is the world's biggest small town. You show them love, you're gonna get love!" I miss Memphis.

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