We drive down Myrtle Beach’s Ocean Boulevard on the 4th of July 2020! We talk about what’s open, the pedestrian barricades, and the new face mask …


  1. I’m actually from Tabor city NC about 15 miles north of nmb SC. So I grew up going to mb all my life. Even lived there for 3 and a half years before moving back to Fl. I’m now in Louisiana but planning to hopefully move back to mb or close to it sometime next year. I miss being there and closer to my friends and family.

  2. We went to Damon’s for lunch and loved it! We sat out on the deck and really enjoyed watching the activity on the beach with the different water businesses there. The food was delicious! They have an elevator for those who might have trouble walking up the long stairway to get to the restaurant.

  3. We just left Myrtle Beach on Friday, July 3, after spending three glorious weeks at the Myrtle Beach Travel Park. So glad we didn’t have to deal with additional mask requirements. I can’t imagine having to wear a mask in that heat! I would not have been a happy camper!

  4. My husbands co worker just came back from there a week ago. Now he has corona virus, he gave it to 6 others at work, my husband, and now our kids! Thanks Myrtle beach!

  5. I went there we stayed in the landmark hotel me and my boyfriend we went for a vacation and gosh I miss the vacation 😍😍😍😍😍 I wanna go back to the beach … we left at 3 in the morning from kentucky monday morning and we got there at 6 in the afternoon that was with a few stops…. and we left sadly at 11 in the morning Thursday the 2nd

  6. Of course it’s going to get worse. As a local, our government hasn’t done one thing right to help the situation. Our beaches and businesses opened WAY to soon. Our state went full throttle in May and we are paying the price now and it’s only getting worse. Everyone in this country should take lessons from NY and do things under control in a slow way. If you are dumb enough to come our town on vacation WEAR A DAM MASK AND PRACTICE PHYSICAL DISTANCING!!! We have several friends who own restaurants and they’ve had to shut down after two weeks of operation because of employees testing positive. If you really want to help the economy bounce back everywhere do your part and DON’T be reckless! The virus is here to stay for awhile so let’s get through it the right way!

  7. It ridiculous, I might have to loose my $350 depodit for our vacation at the end of this month because I refuse to wear a mask while on vacation. OSHA should really start making it more public on how ineffective masks are and how they can actually be more hazardous because people aren't wearing the right masks. I refuse to be walking the outlets and Broadway while wearing a mask. I thought it was common sense that masks can cause you to hyperventilate when doing any kind of cardio like walking but guess people just want to "think" they're safe. Oh and people should look on the box the masks come in LoL. It specifically says it does nothing to prevent the spread of Covid19 🤷‍♂️. I just hope Captains Quarters will refund my deposit due to this covid19 situation. $350 is a lot to loose

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