Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | 4K Drone Video

Hey Guys… Check out that aerial footage of very popular summer destination at USA East Coast – Myrtle Beach… I shot those clips 2weeks ago… There was no …

27 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | 4K Drone Video”

  1. That footage was captured recently… Its probably last chance to go there before another lockdown that is coming soon… Go there, keep the distance and you’ll be alright… Stay safe❤️

  2. When are you going to do El Paso Laredo Beaumont Amarillo Abilene Waco Lubbock Tyler Brownsville Galveston McAllen midland Odessa Corpus Christi in Texas Ithaca Utica Buffalo white plains Binghamton Syracuse Rochester albany in New York ?

  3. Stay away! 2,236 was the number of infected for today. It is out of control. 208 is specific number for Horry County where Myrtle Beach is located. It is an airborne virus and there is always a breeze at the beach. Five people including a child died today.

  4. Skillful drone flying! Keep us posted. I don’t want to schedule a trip just yet if another lockdown is coming. I miss the beach, but I live far away. Last time I filled a 5 gallon bucket of that crushed shells you see from a few spots and sifted through all of it when I got home and had 40 teeth! I was at North Myrtle Beach!

  5. Yeah, maybe we drone people are biased, but I couldn't help but think that the drone footage was better than the helicopter stuff. But yeah, whipping out an iPhone at the last minute and trying to shoot out a window that keeps jarring about is a bit of a handicap.

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