New Zealand: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar 5/5

New Zealand: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar gives you all the info you need to explore this nation of Kiwis. Learn some basics about the country, …

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  1. Thanks for your comments! While we always do our best to nail each and every pronunciation it can certainly prove difficult. Lucky for us you kiwis are known for your patience and understanding! Thanks for watching 😉

  2. My dream place. I just love the culture, people and beauty of this place. Really looking forward to visit this place and taste some outstanding wines and food.

  3. I am from India and I will soon visit New Zealand.Not because of tourism…but because I want to go somewhere quiet and peaceful.India is very great, vibrant, colourful, etc…but sometimes you just need a breathing room.Add to that 1.4 Billion people…NZ is going to be extremely good!

  4. All of you Kiwis are super lucky. I've flown all over my bickering North American continent four times now. It's shit. I'm a Yank. All of you way down under commonwealth nations people from places like Australia & New Zealand don't know of how overly lucky that you've all got it. Yes it's flawed to some extent but nowhere near as beyond repair as most North American cities & suburbs are becoming. Be very overly thankful of the high standard of living locales that are mostly among you & be happy my friends-from-afar.

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