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Oslo – Welcome to the capital of Norway. A visit to this south coast city means a trip into its fascinating past. Check out the top attractions in Oslo. When ready …

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  1. I am soo excited but a bit nervous too… I am going to study in University of Oslo, Faculty of Law. Going for the Human Rights LL.M. programme there.

  2. I have been there last year and I strongly recommend everyone to visit European Green Capital. Strongest Wooden Ship in the World at Fram Polar Ship Museum , 2200 years old boat at Norwegian Maritime Museum. Kon-Tiki boat : Thor Heyerdal crossed the Pacific with this raft raft in 1947. Vigeland Park : World's largest Sculpture Park made by a single artist. Norwegian museum of cultural history is a great place to learn about Norwegian folk life. Karl Johans Gate(Street) is nice to wander and many other things to do. Have a nice time in Oslo 😉

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