Palm Springs (2020) – Movie Review

Over the last few days countless people have requested I review the new Hulu original film Palm Springs (2020). I checked it out and here is my review and …

43 thoughts on “Palm Springs (2020) – Movie Review”

  1. The audio may be bit tiny in this video. Since it’s a quick review I recorded on my phone. So naturally the audio won’t be as full. More importantly my usual audio presents won’t work on it (since it’s a different mic). EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY I’ve had significant hearing issues the last few days and literally don’t know if the video is off or if my hearing is just heard it wacky! 😮😮😮

  2. Paim Springs was amazing. Andy Samberg was terrific and Christin Milioti was fantastic. Loved this movie. This might be my favorite movie of 2020( even though not much has come out)

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  4. Interesting review! I love seeing what other reviewers have to say about movies. This one did not do it for me. I had a lot of questions about the time loop and caught a lot of plot holes which was distracting for me. I also did not like when Andy lied to Sarah about how many times he'd met her before (major cringe!) But, I loved the last scene with Roy and I was impressed considering that this was the writer and director's first feature, so I'm expecting great things from them in the future! Will definitely looking out for them as big names later down the line.

  5. Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine and the Mother from How I Met Your Mother in some sort of Groundhog Day movie? Sounds awesome. I heard about this film a lot over the last few days and I really want to watch it, but I don’t have Hulu, so I’m going to try and find another way. If there is one.

  6. I found the movie to be a fun time. I'd agree with the raunchy R-Rated portion was really more of a crutch on the film that wasn't needed. I also like that it was a quick 90 minutes and the film didn't feel like it had any points where it started dragging on and made me check the time left in it.

  7. I loved this movie way more than I expected to. I'm a huge Andy Samberg fan so I was gonna watch this no matter what but I did not expect it to be my favorite film of the year so far! I just watched it a 2nd time tonight.

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