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Patagonia – travel here to the land that time forgot and set out on the journey of a lifetime where Mother Nature runs the show. When ready, browse vacation …

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  1. I thought Argentina is a plain Spanish country. But I was surprised of this beautiful place of Patagonia 💕💕💕 Argentine people are so lucky to have Patagonia.

  2. If I compare with overpriced and over celebrated Switzerland, this part of the world with exceptional remoteness and outstanding wilderness as seen through the beauty of its landscape, is much better. Only other places which can give Patagonia a run for its money could be Iceland, Wales, or possibly Newzealand.

  3. Chilie is a rough place but with a ridiculous high price to travel! The local culture can be tricky such as the cheap airline always ask u to pay If you choose a seat checking on line, later you find some one sitting by you without paying extra 20 dollars; the silly computer system try to split u and ur friend even you are the first to check in at the airport. Car rent can not be done on net, and it is more expensive than most places in the world!

  4. The road to the park is very bumping, and the accommodations are very few choices with a ridiculous high price, it does not make you feel pleasant for the strong winds, you can hardly sit down by the lake , you car can shaken like a leaf in the mountains, so definitely no comparison with Australia or New Zealand !

  5. It is a quite rough place, which could be very windy!! It is super for hiking backpackers, but if you have been to Australia Tasmania and New Zealand southern island and Scotland, you can ignore this place 0f which most places are over priced ! Few People can speak English and the service does not match the dollars you pay! The food sucks, even you eat a buffet in a hotel, it could be a like a joke!

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