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Phoenix – Arizona’s state capital is loved for its warm weather and sunshine. Join us as we highlight the Valley of the Sun’s hottest attractions. When ready …

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  1. Isn't it a shame that Phoenix, America's fifth largest city, doesn't have enough amenities to justify its own video. Expedia had to go outside the city limits to unaffordable boutiques in Scottsdale, pottery making in Mesa, and even the Grand Canyon because Phoenix, itself, has almost nothing worth mentioning. Oh well, I guess the Phoenix City Council just doesn't care. In fact, the city motto should be, "Culture? Who needs it?" But kudos to the Phoenix Art Museum. Although unimpressive on the outside, the art museum is wonderful inside.

  2. "Where it is always warm" — That is a false statement. Today (February 19, 2019), it is 35 F. Be warned. Phoenix winters are cold. The temperature rarely gets above 70 F during the Winter. If you want warm weather in the Winter, you need to visit Florida. In Lakeland, Florida, for example, it is 71 F right now. I do look forward to the triple digit temperature season (May through October), which is my favorite time of year.

  3. I’ve lived in Phoenix most of my life. There’s more to do but most publiclty is lazy and just says shopping and restaurants. Then go to Sedona or something. For the physically active, hiking can be beautiful in many spots, horseback riding at South Mountain, bike riding around Tempe Mill Ave, balloon rides, theater. But sadly not the most interesting city by itself as a vacation spot. If going to the Grand Canton in the winter, it’s worth spending a few days. If you want night clubs, definitely a big selection. I’m over drinking but if that’s your thing it may sway your decision.

  4. They could have listed about 50,000 other things to do in Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun. There is a reason over 3 million people live here. It's a great place to live, with so much to see and do.

  5. I'm guessing that most of the people in the comments that are complaining about Arizona are probably just kids you know you can always move right ?

  6. You want good museums, a growing and beautiful downtown, a colorful zoo, and hot weather. Come to where I was born and raised Miami, FL we got it all

  7. Yeah… we have cool museums and even a road named after Frank Lloyd Wright. But that's not all; you missed everything great about Phoenix. Let the locals know you're foreign to the city (we actually enjoy the company of tourists,) some of the best might be just under your feet. I mean, literally underground lol

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