Portland Intrasquad || Womens 5k

Welcome to my youtube channel. I will be posting a bunch of videos throughout my 2020 Season. Feel free to subscribe to my channel to follow along.

27 thoughts on “Portland Intrasquad || Womens 5k”

  1. Proof that determination, hard work, and doing the little things right pays off. Nicely done Gwen and the rest of the BB. On the backstretch the camera angle with the flag against the skyline and you speedsters flying by was so cool! Thanks for sharing and keep up the awesomeness 🇺🇸 😎 👍🏼⚡️

  2. Where in Portland as i grad from Univ of Portland….1976!Fantastic effort..all the racers…unbelievable times.My last 5 km on track was similiar…6 guys you never heard of…in all comers meet.Our first 400 was 72..then 70 then 64, 64 so 2:22800m and 4:30 1600m…i was happy first 2 laps cuz I did zero fast stuff just jogging for year but these guts all below 14min guys w no big effort..So it was won in 13:58..I was last in 14:01….we ran something like an 8:52 final 2 miles….a race no one but us remembers on a cool eve with green track long fartleks ago

  3. Just wish I could hear the other guy better but u prob know that rofl but really love the multi cam. Not sure the split shot makes sense but TC is an ‘arteeest’ 🧖🏼

  4. I am so blown away by all of your girls's hard work and talent. All of you are amazingly strong women who I continue to admire every day. Thank you for being such good role models in the running community and keep killing it.(-:

  5. You’ve recently became my favourite athlete and you’ve inspired me so much to work hard and take running seriously again. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing with us Gwen!!! From Cardiff, Wales ❤️

  6. How many transexuals are competing against the real women? And how is it fair to the real women that work so hard for years if not decades? Please help me understand.

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