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Portland – Welcome to Maine’s largest city, extending out from the peninsula into Casco Bay. Follow our journey through Portland to see the city’s top spots to …

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  1. I live in Maine love it here so homie and beaches cape cod Portland headlights lobster and it's super beautiful, Absolutely recommend Either Moving or Vacationing here!

  2. If you go to Portland the best thing you can do is go north. The I-95 corridor from Kittery to Augusta is the worst that Maine has to offer. The best parts of Maine are north of US Route 2.

  3. I love the United States, I've been lucky enough to visit 13 different States, both East and west coasts, I especially like the vastness of the country, manhatten, Las Vegas, and death Valley, nothing in the UK like them.

  4. Live here. This episode does excellent job representing all the area offers. Just visit in Summer😊 Now I can view their other locations with confidence.

  5. I immigrated to the USA this year in Orlando, Florida. Americans are the most kind hearted , generous people . Most of them were authentic and helpful.Long live America.

  6. We love our city of Portland, after travelling out west and down south I can honestly say "there's no place like home ", LOL. It's a great little city to raise children in…not so much now as 30yrs ago but still pretty ame compared to most states

  7. My mother grew up on one of the islands and I grew up in South Portland right across the bridge and the bay! I spent many happy Summers on the beaches growing up and I miss it so much! When I was a child Commercial Street and Fore Street was nothing but crap but now it is a booming thriving area.

  8. i am go glad i live near such a beutiful city. if anyone does comes to Portland u need to go toa place called Flat Bread Pizza it sits right next to the farrie porta

  9. Lol as a teen we'd catch the bus home from Portland High in front of Longfellows house. People would go into the gate and we'd seriously say "Oh, Longfellow isn't home." It was so funny how many would say "Oh, Thank You" and start to leave. Fun it was.

  10. I live about an hour away. Guitarists should visit Buckdancer's Choice and then get some baked potato and chive pizza at Otto. Also, if you drive past the main entrance for Popham Beach you will be able to get in for free and visit the fort which is really cool.

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