Pristine Blue Spring & Cambridge in WAIKATO New Zealand | NORTH ISLAND NZ TRAVEL VLOG 1/5

NZ road trip time again! We had so much fun on our previous Northland road trip that we were itching to do more domestic travel around the North Island of New …

47 thoughts on “Pristine Blue Spring & Cambridge in WAIKATO New Zealand | NORTH ISLAND NZ TRAVEL VLOG 1/5”

  1. every time i watch a video from you guys i fall in love more and more with NZ and as a nature lover, camper, and hiker i am just so ready to go there and hike all these amazing places. so thank you Peter and Yen for these videos and amazing tasty looking food when i go to NZ i will go to these places for sure i'm planning to live in NZ hopefully to continue my studies. so again thank so much all the way from LEBANON !!!

  2. Hi guys! Honestly love seeing all New Zealand has to offer from your videos, absolutely beautiful! Blue Spring looks like such a place from a fantasy movie haha, the views are stunning! And glad to know that you can easily find great Asian food, the meal from the Vietnamese food truck you went to looks awesome!!! Can’t wait for the next NZ roadtrip vlog! Take care, Alditha

  3. You guys always have great Airbnb’s! This one looks so cozy πŸ™Œ shoutout to the Airbnb host for the rec on the pizza spot!! It looks amazing 😍

  4. We're always amazed of the different tones of blue and green of the water in NZ. But these springs are indeed magical. By the way, always enjoy Yen's room tours! Travel Cribs with Yen! Uff, that pizza. Well done.

  5. Road trips are so exciting these days and you guys know how to do it right. And you know where to find great food along the way, which is a huge plus. Those noodles with all those goodies look like a fantastic lunch. That's great that the good is diversifying in those small towns.

  6. That bun cha looked so delicious! I don't think I've ever seen water that blue and clear before and now I even know why that happens πŸ˜€ Can't wait to see more vlogs from the north island

  7. Blue spring was my favorite place that we went to when I was in NZ for a vacation. it looks good in photos and videos but a lot more beautiful in person. Haven’t had the taste of it though maybe on our next trip 😹

  8. The highlight of the trip in the video is definitely the Blue Spring. So beautiful! 😍Never seen water that is so clear and blue, a perfect water to be in painting!Haha Peter walked through the glass, it would’ve been funny if you caught it on the camera 🀣

  9. Nice food truck. The dishes Don makes look great! Cool drone shots! Can't believe how clear the water is. It's crystal clear!! hahah Yen's computer shut down sound. The restaurant looks realyl modern. The way they make the pizza reminds me of european style pizza. Yummy!

  10. That's a very nice and comfy AirBnB, great price too! Oh gosh, too funny Peter guys walk into the "door" πŸ˜‚ Thanks Yen for the story hahaha!! Awh man, Pizza looks so yum!!

  11. Awwhhh man, I miss bun cha too! Amazing drone shots guys!! Not like you need to do much, the view is just amazing anywhere you shoot hahaha! I wanted to say the blue spring is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E, until you said it's not the one yet. Mindblown! The real Blue spring, OMG that's like straight out of the movie!! LOTR vibes!!! You guys get your water source here?? Such a BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!! Lol Peter, "Apparently there's a drinking fountain somewhere' πŸ˜‚

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