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Quebec – Looking for the best things to do in the city? Click play on our travel guide to get an insider’s peek at this Canadian destination. When ready, browse …

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  1. Its Amazing how the Europeans brought their culture and architecture to the new world, it looks just like Europe

  2. Whenever I look at things about Montreal it makes me sad that I moved away. I live in Vancouver now and have been since 1982 but it seems I'm finding this place harder to live in. So now I'm thinking about moving back when I retire this May. Lots of nice Condos for a lot less than Vancouver..

  3. Are Americans welcomed in Quebec City? Update: I took my family To Quebec city for three days… And we had a great time. Everyone was super friendly… and most spoke English as well as French. We stayed in the old part of town and it was breathtakingly beautiful. The food was delicious. Everything was great. We had the best time… Would definitely visit again.

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